Well, we all know a web browser is a software program or application that acts as the connecting bridge between the user and information available in the World Wide Web. The role of a web browser is to retrieve the necessary information from the web server according to the request of the user. As technology grows, web browsers too witnessed a potential improvement in many ways. Recently, having the lightest web browsers is the latest trend among the techies as they allow users to access the internet much faster.

Light Weight Web Browser

It is a browser offering similar functions just like a normal browser does, except it forgoes all those web standards for faster access. In simple wordings, a lightweight web browser sacrifices certain features to access the internet faster and reduces the consumption of system resources.

In today’s modern era, people who access the internet more prefer the lightest web browsers on accounting for its fast accessibility.

Benefits of Light Weight Web Browser 

  • It requires fewer system resources.
  • Faster accessing information from the webserver.
  • No need for CSS, JavaScript, and support from other web elements.

List of Top 5 Lightest Web Browsers For Faster Internet Access 


Comodo IceDragon is a Firefox-based internet browser that provides notable security and blistering surfing speeds. If you set your internet connection with Comodo’s SecureDNS service, you’ll get even faster page loading speeds. Along with strong security Icedragon has other important features additionally, that’s just like Mozilla Firefox. This light-weight windows browser makes use of Comodo’s DNS servers while converting URLs to IP addresses.

 If Firefox is your main browser at this time, You’ll be more than familiar with using IceDragon. Moreover, Getting started with IceDragon is quick and easy. If you’re seeking out a quick and stable browser, you then actually won’t be disillusioned with Comodo IceDragon.

Besides, IceDragon is that it runs in its container of actually created, the browser does not have contact with your system, because the potential for malicious software can not be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Key Features

  • Websites load faster than in case you keep
  • to use the DNS server provided using your ISP

  • SecureDNS provides domain filtering features malware
  • You can easily share your web discoveries on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with means of Social media buttons
  • Ability to scan whether web pages are secure, crash reports, performance reports are some additional security features also available in Comodo Ice Dragon
  1. TORCH

A torch is a powerful, fast, superb rich web browser. This rich web browser boasts with lots of customizable tweaks to make your Internet experience better. This lightest web browser offers you a secure and steady browsing revel in which filled with capabilities for handling and gambling media assets easily.

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In addition, It is a convenient all-in-one tool for all of your browsing, media, and social networking sports. Chromium-based browser, Torch provides comprehensive, relevant search results accurately in a short time. Also, Chromium Torch combined with browsing features and prevailing add-ons

Key Features


It is another best lightest web browser with very little memory consumption that has ever used. Midori is considerably fast and consumes 6 times less ram that crome. It started in a short time and make the page as fast as many other famous browsers. The browser supports RC4 encryption known to be safer than other encryption such as AES. Midori has a built-in functionality with which you can create web applications that can be launched from the desktop.

Key Features

  • Midori is an open-source browser, which must meet less demanding users.
  • Some of the most vital
  • options, such as tabbed browsing, the ability to change your privacy settings features of Midori is HTML5 support, RSS support, bookmarks spell checker, anonymous browsing, etc.
  • It also ships with some additional, font/display settings, and startup settings.

Available in beta on the Android device web browser Vivaldi is a highly-customizable theme, settings tab, make notes, etc. It’s a highly capable mobile phone browser with many unique features. This lightweight browser using Google Chrome’s engine, but uses significantly less memory than Chrome browser. Besides these features, the browser Vivaldi has the option to schedule the theme changes automatically.

Meanwhile, the Vivaldi browser Mozilla Firefox has been beaten in the HTML5 test. The Windows browser is quite young and has got some room for improvement.

Key Features

  • Vivaldi 2.0 enhanced customization features that make users easier to access the information available on the Internet.
  • Moreover, Main features include Quick Commands, Adaptive Interface, Spatial navigation. Tab Stacks and Notes.

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a very versatile browser that contains several features that you can not even find on the main competitors. Also, Maxton is equipped with a built-in screen capture tool ad-block, night mode, read mode, and so on. Additionally, Maxton Browser has got a cloud service for user data in sync between multiple devices.

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Therefore, if you need to jump from your comfort zone with regards to surfing the net, you are probably interested in using excellent lightest web browsers that you might need to try.

Main Features

  • Even equipped with a multi-account password manager itself, called Magic Fill.
  • It features a built-in ad blocking, screen-capture tool, Night mode, the mode of the Reader, an RSS feed reader, notepad, and a few more features.
  • Maxthon also sports a user interface which is unusual for most browsers.

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Bottom Line:

To be frank, a common man can’t sort out which is the best when it comes to the ranking lightest web browser. Because each one is excel on its feature and the sorting relies on the needs of the user. Yes! You need to pick your lightweight web browser according to your needs.

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