Light Phone is one of the Best Gadgets 2015

Light phone is one of the new things in rumors. This phone basically is an Anti-Smart phone. The battery of this phone last for not less than 20 days and literally speaking, this phone has only one feature that is making calls. This phone is basically an opposite of every phone available in the market. This is an ultimate communicating device and the biggest thing is, it is available only in $100 and so it is under the category of best gadgets 2015.

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What are its features? There are no features in this phone. you just put on a sim card and after pressing some numbers you can call the person you want. This phone have no games, no NFC, no browsers. the only feature it has is speed dialing which works really well.

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As per the developer Mr, Hollier, this phone is developed to find a balance in connectedness, as per Mr, Hollier, we want everyone to be connected but this phone is made just take a break for some days. Mr. Hollier also said that this phone will never get replaced with any other model or any new model. As per him, Light Phone is developed only to know that are we living an enjoyable life? this phone will take you away from the connected world who always have their heads down even when they are walking on the roads which are deadly. so go for this best gadgets 2015

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