In spite of being amazing handsets, the Samsung galaxy s6 and the Samsung galaxy s6 edge couldnt win many hearts in the smart phones industry. The decline of the Samsung market in the recent days is turning irreversible. In such a scenario, the leaked features of the Samsung galaxy s7 edge are pointing towards the fact that this smart phone may bring back the lost honor and customers for Samsung.

The Samsung galaxy s7 features that have been in news are as follows

1.  Large battery life

In the Samsung galaxy s7 features the most astounding feature is its long battery life. The Samsung galaxy s7 edge will flaunt a 3600 mAh battery will give an undefeated competition to the most loved nexus 6p. Though a big battery doesnt signify a longer battery life, this Samsung galaxy s7 features may win many hearts altogether. But, it will have a non removable battery.

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2.MicroSD card support

Samsung faced a lot of unpopularity after it took away the microSD card support from its previous handsets. Its being said that this time, Samsung will being the micro SD card support back with the launch of galaxy s7. This Samsung galaxy s7 features will give the power of expanding capacity to the users. Users whose phones are otherwise brimming with pictures and songs will not have to curtail their files depending on the phone storage. They can keep as many files as their SD card allows them to.

3.A powerful processor

It is one of the most prominent features of the Samsung galaxy s7 features as the new Samsung galaxy s7 may flaunt a snapdragon 820 processor. A processor is the heart and soul of the phone, so it may be said for the new phone, that it will be a good Smartphone as far as its processor is concerned.

4.12 megapixel back camera

Who doesnt love a good quality camera? In the era of instant clicking and posting, a camera has become an important tool for everyone. 12 megapixels may not be enough for some users, but since even low resolution pictures clicked by a Samsung Smartphone turns out to be amazing, we cant help but wait to test this features of Samsung galaxy s7. The assumed add on of a britcell sensor may prove to an icing on the cake.

5.Gorilla glass

Our phones keep slipping from our hands leading to cracks and scratches in the display. Unfortunately, once the display cracks, the smart phone creates a lot of ruckus. Changing a screen can take months as the service centers keep you hanging claiming that the new screens are on way Even if you get the screens on time, purchasing it is a costly affair. If you are lucky, the phone may still work after getting damaged, but most if the times, it doesnt. The corning gorilla glass 5 will probably be the most loved of Samsung galaxy s7 features. It will prevent your phone’s screen from breaking after it falls from bed, table or worse, when you adjust it on a selfie stick!

6.  4G support

It all began with that Indian student Sasha Chettry ruling the Indian TV commercials with her Airtel 4g advertisements. Ever since then, 4g has created a rage in the country. Every company is introducing 4g as its feature. So, it wasnt a surprise that it is also amongst the samsung galaxy s7 features. After the undefeated success of 3g, the news of samsung galaxy s7 features of having a 4g LTE support as well as GLONASS will surely make the Samsung galaxy s7 edge one of the coolest and most purchased Smartphone of the year.

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