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Know iPhone 5 se Specs, Price and Features

Apple was founded in a small garage in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. Today’s renowned company Apple commenced as a personal computer manufacturer and presently it manufactures everything from a portable media player to complex laptops. It has its headquartered in Cupertino, California. In 2007, with the launch of the iPhone, Apple entered the smartphone industry. In the year 2010, with the launch of the iPad, Apple made its name in the tablet market as well.

Ever Since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were unveiled in the month of September 2014, several rumors flew regarding another smashing iPhone launch by Apple! The talk of the tinsel town became the potential four inches phone which Apple was planning to launch for people who like affordable sets. In spite of several rumors souring high, no new device was launched in the year 2015. but as the new year approached, sources began predicting that a new Apple iPhone could be launched in March 2016.

Apple is a brand today. A brand that sells profusely! Owning an iPhone is a prestige factor nowadays. Even after being so costly, it has huge popularity and a really successful market! Presently the Apple company is all set to introduce a brand new four inches iPhone known as the iPhone 5se. Launching the phone model just after introducing it and not providing pre-orders will be an entirely new strategy as far as Apple is concerned. While the iPhone 5 se specs and body structure will be strikingly similar to the iPhone 5s which was launched in the year 2013, this new Apple iPhone smartphone is expected to include the latest A9 and M9 processors from Apple.

An NFC chip for Apple Pay will be present in the new Apple iPhone 5se.

Sources are believing that this device will come in the same colors as the Apple iPhone 6s. The Apple iPhone 5se may be of the following colors- gold, rose gold, silver, and space gray. Along with this, support for the activation of Siri will be one of the new iPhone 5 se specs.

The phone will be released on 15th March. In its March 15th 2016s event, Apple has planned to launch a series of new Apple Watch Sport Band colors, NATO-style nylon bands, and a Space Black Milanese Loop. The iPhone 5se is probably modeled after the iPhone 5s. The name of the phone itself is directed to the fact that the Apple iPhone 5se will be a second-generation upgraded version of the iPhone 5s. Reports say that the iPhone 5se will be of the same structure as the iPhone 5s was. The size will be so similar that the two phones will easily share their phone cases and several other accessories too. We can assume that the iPhone 5se will probably have the same A9 processor which was previously used in the iPhone 6s.

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The Apple iPhone 5se specification is as follows


If the iPhone 5 se specs rumors are believed, it is being said that the iPhone 5se will probably be available for $560. It’s Still not revealed if the said price belongs to the 16GB model or the 64GB model. Presently the price of the iPhone 6 of a 16 GB model is $549. So we can expect that the price of the Apple iPhone 5se will be the same too. Though we can assume that the pricing rumors can be totally wrong too.

Size and dimensions

Reports regarding iPhone 5 se specs say that the iPhone 5se will measure 122.90mm x 57.63mm. As far as the weight is regarded, the Apple iPhone 5se is smaller in size, so we can assume that it will be light weight too.According to rumors, the iPhone 5sec will use 2.5 D slightly curved glass like the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s. One rumor also says that the iPhone 5se would come in a shade of pink in similarity with the seventh-generation iPod nano.


The iPhone 5se will use an eight-megapixel back camera in place of the twelve-megapixel camera brought forward with the iPhone 6s, but it is said to be the same camera that’s on the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5 se specs rumors about its camera may be accurate because Apple doesn’t change camera resolutions so rapidly.

If the eight-megapixel shooter is similar to the one on the iPhone 6, then we can assume that it will support panoramic photos of a considerably high resolution up to nearly forty-three megapixels. In the iPhone 6, Apple has adorned a new feature for significantly improving the picture quality, by the inclusion of faster autofocus and an improved image stabilizer.

Other iPhone 5 se specs

The Apple iPhone 5se will probably flaunt a built-in NFC and hence, the phone will also support Apple pay.

The Apple iPhone 5se will probably have an inclusion of many specifications that are found in Apple’s most recently launched devices, like a barometer for tracking elevation, the newest Bluetooth 4.2 specification, faster 802.11ac WiFi, and LTE support.

Storage Capacity

For differentiating the Apple iPhone 5se from Apple iPhone 6s, the iPhone 5se is assumed of being launched only with 16 and 64GB capacities. If the Japanese site Mac Otakara is to be believed, iPhone 5 se specs may be quite similar to iPhone 5s. And the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5se may be of the same size, so similar in designs that their phone cases and accessories that are designed will be similar too.


It’s Rumored that the processor which is probably going to be included in the 4-inch iPhone 5 se may be either the A8, which was found in the iPhone 6 or the A9, which was found in the iPhone 6s. As the launch date of the Apple iPhone, 5 se is coming nearer, we can assume that since the up-gradation of a9 over a8 was a huge success, its most likely to be present in the Apple iPhone 5 se. The A9 processor is known to include a built-in M9 motion co processor, which may allow the new Apple iPhone 5 se to use the always-on œHey Siri feature in the device. The M9 motion co-processor is capable of measuring the walking and running velocity along with the changes in steps, distance, and elevation. The amount of RAM expected in the iPhone 5se is also being assumed. One assumption suggests that it could include two GB RAM. The other assumption regarding the iPhone 5 se specs says that it will be flaunting just 1 GB RAM.

Battery capacity

The Apple iPhone 5 se will have a slightly larger battery which may measure up to 1642 mAh. It’s rumored that it will also give ten hours of talk time like the Apple iPhone 5s.

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