iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11: Which One Having Better Cameras?


Besides the brand, Apple has launched the new iPhone SE last week. It is available for quite a low cost when compared with other iPhone series. Being cheaper, there was a lot of theoretical discussion about the camera hardware of iPhone SE and iPhone 11.

The features of iPhone SE resemble iPhone 8. Also, its rear camera has almost everything you can find on iPhone 8. Meanwhile, iPhone SE carries improvements to image quality with an iconic processor similar to iPhone 11. But if you look at the cost of both, the iPhone 11 is double the price of iPhone SE. What could be the difference between both the cameras- iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11? Let us glance through the upcoming sections.

Features comparison of iPhone SE vs iPhone 11

Both iPhones have the same processor, more than their other features, their camera quality has been compared. The Apple iPhone SE vs Apple iPhone 11 comparison may give you a better idea as to which one is the best to opt for.

  1. Camera

iPhone SE has only a single rear camera and the main camera with 12MP. It includes sapphire crystal lens cover with autofocus and BSI sensor. Whereas iPhone 11 has a dual rear camera and the main camera with 12MP sapphire crystal lens cover, OIS and PDAF sensor. It caters to the same pixel value even for its secondary camera. Both the iPhones offer 3840×2160 (4K UHD) 30 fps, 1920×1080 full HD, 120 fps. As well as 1280×720 HD video recording quality, but additionally, iPhone SE provides the same at 240 fps.

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Moreover, both the iPhones provide several other camera features such as time-lapse video, which is common in iPhone SE and iPhone 11; continuous autofocus, and taking pictures during video recording. Apart from these common features, iPhone 11 provides optical image stabilization (OIS) whereas iPhone SE provides electronic image stabilization (EIS) and additionally video sharing option as well.

The front camera of iPhone SE is just 1.2 DPR, whereas it is 12 MP with iPhone 11 which also offers EIS, HDR, and slow-motion videos.

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Users and experts say that although iPhone SE offers the same camera resolution as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 stands out from iPhone SE for its dual camera and other features such as display and hardware performance.

  1. Display

iPhone SE is just 4.0 inches whereas iPhone 11 is 6.1 inches. The screen resolution of iPhone SE is low when compared with iPhone 11, but both are built based on the same technology IPS LCD.

  1. Hardware performance

iPhone SE uses the Apple A9 APL0898 system chip and iPhone 11 uses Apple A13 Bionic APL1W85. iPhone SE runs in 2GB RAM but iPhone 11 runs in 4GB LPDR4 RAM. SE provides 128 GB non-expandable in-built memory storage, whereas iPhone 11 has only 64GB that too non-expandable memory space. iPhone SE supports operating system versions from iOS 9.x to 13.x, whereas iPhone 11 supports only 13.x.

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Final Verdict

For people who are looking for the best performing cameras in-between iPhone SE vs iPhone 11, they need to wait for a little more time. It’s too early to predict the performance of the nee iPhone SE smartphone. Only upon long usage, we will get to know the original performance of iPhone SE.

As far as our expert’s analysis, both models of iPhone come with a pretty similar configuration when it comes to hardware performance and display quality. But let’s wait and see how iPhone SE performs as time gets away.