iPhone 7 May have Intel’s Processor

iPhone 7 is the new topic on which many are sharing their assumptions and guessing. Another new rumor that we came across is that Apple may use Intel’s processor in their new and upcoming iPhone 7. You may not see the “Intel Inside” tag, but you will find Intel technology inside it.

As per VentureBeat, there are around 1000 Intel’s engineers working on a modem that will power the future iPhones. Intel’s 7360 LTE modem that supports 4G LTE and CDMA 3G network will be arriving soon with the new iPhone 7.

As per the CEO of Intel Mr. Brian Krzanich, the shipping of these new chips will start from this December to the manufacturers so that they can keep their Intel-powered devices by 2016.

For now TSMC and Samsung were making chips for Apple’s devices. Even the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus is powered with A9 chip which was a 14nm processor. Apple’s partners are making 20nm processor which are not as superior as Intel’s 14nm ones. Intel has now started working over 10nm processors or Apple’s iPhone.

Intel acquired Infineon is a wireless company and they had supplied 3G modems for iPhones till 2011. Apple changed their modem supplier to Qualcomm in recent years.

Recently Apple hired many employees from Infineon which includes Intel CTO, Mr. Bernd Adler. As per VentureBeat, the reason to hire these professionals because Apple want to collaborate with Intel as soon as possible, but other rumors says that Apple wants to design modems on an in-house basis.

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Intel’s processors are found to be on OS X products. Apple has changed its architecture from PowerPC to x86 processors in 2006.

So let’s wait and see what we get in future.

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