Instagram Changing the Way you see Photos in News Feed


Instagram took a trial of its new news feed feature about 3 months ago which baffled celebrities and attention seekers. There were many requests asking followers to enable push notifications by certain accounts.

Instagram did a test of a feature that sorts out posts based on your activity i.e. posts will feature in your news feed according to your interaction with the particular account.

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If you like, comment or share a certain account’s post more often than that account will feature more in your news feed rather than the older algorithm according to the new Instagram update.

In the previous algorithm, posts used to line up by  Most Recent sorting which meant the latest upload (from the people you follow) regardless of the account will show at the top of your news feed.

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Instagram Update

Instagram did tweet in March that they won’t be adding this change anytime soon and will keep the users posted about anything new, but within ten weeks they have planned to go global with the new feature.

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Theirs is a lot of disappointment among certain big accounts with this new Instagram update as this feature might lower down interactions to their posts. Considering the obvious, you will almost always like or interact with your friend’s post, which will enable the feed to show their posts on top rather than the pages you follow.

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Since Facebook itself owns Instagram, it is being said that Facebook’s news feed algorithm will be developed here which means two posts from friends, one from a page and one advertisement among every four posts.


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