Hulu Devices Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters


Unlike the other services that we use to watch the media, the streaming services come with one advantage. They can be streamed to multiple devices. This is what they call parallel streaming to multiple devices. Of course, almost all major streaming platforms let you use multiple device functionality. This includes Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. This should ideally allow you to watch your movies and TV shows across multiple Hulu devices from a single account.

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How Many Devices can You Have on Hulu?

Well, most of us do not want to spend unrealistically lavishly on entertainment. That is precisely what cable services or digital TV services may make us pay for. Streaming services differ considerably in that perspective. They allow you to stream the content to multiple devices simultaneously without the need for a separate account.

However, Hulu is quite different in that aspect. Ideally, Hulu will allow you opt for a single screen functionality. If you are wondering how many devices on Hulu can you run, we would be sorry to disappoint you that Hulu does not offer you multiple screen facilities.

So, are you a Hulu subscriber and want to know how many Hulu devices can you have, here are your answers and possibly an option to enable watching it on multiple screens. Of course, you can install and activate it on as many devices as you would want to, but the number of devices that can it can stream simultaneously to is limited and governed by a few regulations.

How Many Hulu Devices can You watch the shows on?

The number is unlimited! Yes, you can link as many device as you can think of to your Hulu account. But the number of Hulu Live TV devices is limited. Are we confusing you? Wait a minute before we explain.

Ideally speaking, you cannot exceed the Hulu device limit of one screen at a time. You can link more than one devices but can play on only one screen at a time. Hulu works on one screen at a time of subscription model. It can be something you may not find comfortable enough if you have several family members with each of them having devices.

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The service has two plans for your Hulu Live TV devices. One that will offer you video on demand service which isn’t live. You can watch the back episodes of your favorite shows. The other plan is a little expensive and lets you watch the shows simultaneously as they are being aired. But, sadly enough they do not have a plan that helps you watch the shows on multiple devices. Hulu is stringent on account sharing and considers it unethical and has a bearing on its revenue.

If you are watching a sports show on your Hulu account and your sister wants to watch a sitcom series simultaneously on her device using your account, Hulu would not allow it officially. So, the official Hulu device limit is one device though you can install the tool on multiple devices.

Did we Disappoint You? Wait for a Minute!

Maybe we disappointed you with that comment. Well, officially, you cannot watch Hulu simultaneously on more than one device. Though there is a limit on Hulu Live TV devices, we thought of sharing a trick that can help you watch it on more than one Hulu devices.

Of course, you may not be able to use this method to watch shows simultaneously on your devices, but you can definitely make use of it to use your account simultaneously on two devices by any count. How is possible? Let us explain the trick here.

Well, strictly speaking – there is no trick as such. No, we are not trying to fool you. It may be a result of an issue with Hulu and its servers. Do note that Hulu officially does not support it. As such if this is not working in any way for you, you would not be able to place any complaint to Hulu. They will not support officially as the service is not available on multiple devices. The terms of use clearly mention that you can use it on a single device at any given time.

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However, you may try to make it work on two devices simultaneously. We could play it on two devices simultaneously when we tried it with our Hulu account. In fact, several users have reported that Hulu works on two devices simultaneously. Try it on your devices and check if you too can get lucky.

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In Conclusion

It isn’t possible to use multiple Hulu devices as there is a Hulu device limit imposed on the simultaneous account sign-ins. However, if you are not able to get it through, there isn’t really anything Hulu or we can do anything about it. There are no tricks to help you watch your shows on multiple Hulu devices simultaneously. This could be a bug or an intentional trick. Just enjoy the feature till it lasts!