How to setup Hulu Account?

If you are a fan of video streaming, Hulu is something you should be aware of. Yes, Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services, and should be the prime option for you if you are focused on American and Canada content.

With more than 20 million subscribers, the service lets you get access to practically every content among the popular TV shows and other entertainment shows. If you want to watch those shows, the only thing you need to do is to activate the service through

In fact, the service has become one of the most popular services on most of the platforms that include Amazon Firestick, Roku or even Apple TV. The service isn’t much costly, and Hulu just charges you a nominal fee for the services offered.

What would you need to activate Hulu account?

The best option for using Hulu in the best possible manner is to ensure a few requirements you would want to focus on.

Some of the crucial aspects would include the following –

  • A high speed internet connection
  • A Hulu subscription
  • A supported device that works with Hulu

Hulu as a service is made available on two screens at a time. The service does offer you access to live sports, TV shows, and other content such as movies can be watched using your Hulu streaming service. The availability of resolution in up to 1080p quality should be one of the great options you would find impressive enough.

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How to setup Hulu Account?

If you have found the Hulu service one of the excellent services, we would suggest creating an account. The prime option would be to sign up for the service on the Hulu portal.

You can follow the steps here below to create an account on Hulu –

  • Launch the official site of Hulu on your favorite browser.
  • If you do not already have an account on Hulu, it can be an excellent option to check out the option for a free trial where you can use the trial option for seven days.
  • If you want to opt for a trial, you can click on Start your Free trial.

activate Hulu account

In the next page, you should choose the plan you want to choose. Once you have picked your plan, you will need to provide your card details for continuing the service.

You will create your account by providing your details.

That does it. Your account is created, and you are ready to use the Hulu services.

How to activate your Hulu Account?

Now that you have created your Hulu account, the next step would be to activate your Hulu account. Activating your Hulu account would be essential if you are looking to use the Hulu services on other streaming devices such as Apple TV, Android TV or Roku TV.

Hulu comes with a specific application in the form of Hulu Plus. You will need to use the Hulu Plus application to activate the Hulu account.

Here are the steps you can opt for –

  • Launch the Hulu application on your relevant device. Do note that you would need to make use of the official Hulu application to avoid being caught with data breach issues.
  • Your device will show an activation code that is used to activate the Hulu application on that particular device.
  • On any of your devices, launch the web portal com/activate
  • You need to enter the activation code you received on your device in this portal.

That does it. Your Hulu account will be activated on your chosen device.

How much does Hulu subscription cost you?

The Hulu plans start for $ 5.99 per month. The ad supported platform is made available at $ 5.99amonth, while a no Ads option is available at $ 11.99 per month. If you are looking for the best experience in Live TV and Hulu services, it may be a good idea to go with another plan that is made available at $ 4.99 per month.

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How to address an issue with Hulu account?

Well, Hulu does offer you an exceptional service in terms of the perfect functionality of the streaming services. However, in the case of a few issues you may face with the services of Hulu, it may be worthwhile to consider a few support options offered by the platform.

You can get in touch with the Hulu support if you find yourself having any of the serious issues in working with the streaming service.

Well, that should be enough of information for achieving the best standards in terms of making use of the Hulu service for your viewing pleasure to the best possible extent.  We assume the tips and options featured here should ideally be helpful enough achieving the best results possible.