How To Use Social Media Features in 2021


Social media features and networks are getting stronger every year. 2020 was special because the pandemic and lockdown were tough for everyone. Half of the population was trying to zone out from the pandemic with the help of social networks. That’s why Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social channels are so powerful. If you want to know more about key social media features that can change the course of 2021, then sit tight and continue reading.

Social Media Features

Moving images are still on the rise – also in 2021

Video formats are not only trendy, they are also a great way to give your company a face. In the retail sector, in particular, many companies still live from “local faces”. In many cases, these not only embody the company but are in themselves their own brand. Making this brand tangible through the right use of social media therefore only makes sense!

It’s not a surprise that the users of the platforms like to consume video content. So it is no coincidence that this type of content also gets more reach from the algorithm. In addition to the longer videos, which can be placed on YouTube, for example, the stories on Instagram and Facebook also offer the option of interacting with your own target group in smaller, crisper formats. There are also innovations such as IGTV or even Instagram reels, which further increase the creative possibilities on Instagram.

Your content must provide added value for customers

There is one thing that nobody can take away from the long-standing local dealer: his (product) experience! So it is logical that this experience should become a central part of your own content strategy in 2021. Whether in your own blog, as a video series on Facebook, or as a special format on Instagram. Your own knowledge should pour into appropriate formats as target-group-oriented as possible.

The users are constantly on the lookout for added value. In this respect, your own content must also create corresponding added value, otherwise, it will not be noticed. The aim here is to provide background information on one’s own products, to name specific advantages, and to answer potential questions from the target group. The latter in particular offers a great opportunity to pick up potential customers where they are currently in the sales process and thus to build trust in your own brand at an early stage. This is much more effective than simply confronting customers with offers and invitations to buy. Good content is worth it!

The organic reach will continue to decrease

Unfortunately, this is also a trend that companies should take seriously! The organic reach of companies is continuously decreasing on the platforms. After all, for the operators of social media, it is primarily about making their own users happy. For this purpose, the reach of companies – especially on Facebook – is deliberately limited and the content of family and friends is shown superficially.

Those who put in a lot of effort to produce high-quality content will of course be disappointed if only a fraction of their own “fans” see it. For this reason, part of the marketing budget should be invested in 2021 at the latest in order to also increase the reach of organic contributions in a targeted manner. And not just for people who do not yet follow their own company! This function should also be used in connection with those who are already loyal fans of their own company website. This is the only way to create customer loyalty and identification with your own brand. And: this increases the likelihood of a “repurchase” in the long term.


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