How To Setup & Configure Belkin Wireless Router


Are you attempting to set up and configure your old or new Belkin wireless router? If yes, let me help you and ease the process as I have used the Belkin routers for more than six years and trust me this is one of the best routers I have put in use till date. So, congratulations on your decision of buying Belkin wireless router and now without wasting much of your time, let’s start teaching how you can set up Belkin wi-fi router at your home or office.


First, you need to unbox your new router or if you have the old one wireless router then keep it ready for installation.

Connecting/Linking the BELKIN ROUTER WITH MODEM

  1. Start by rebooting your cable modem (the device provided by your internet service provider) and wait for thirty seconds.
  2. Now power up your Belkin router and using the Ethernet cable connect the Belkin wireless router with your modem.
  3. Instantly, check that your modem’s van port is connected to the yellow port of your Belkin wireless router.

If you have completed these three steps successfully… Bravo!

But, there is one more step to go.


I need to ask you two questions before we set up the Belkin router with your internet connection.

Do you have a laptop or computer?

Do you have an additional Ethernet cable?

For both, if answers are Yes, then great let’s move ahead! If you answer is NO, then no worries – I will teach you both ways how to do that!

Just remember you can make use the same method on your computer to set up the Belkin wireless router.


 I can understand that you may not have the computer at the moment or maybe you are too lazy to go to your computer. Hence, I am sharing few steps to set up the Belkin Wireless router without using the computer.

Follow these steps after configuring your modem with Belkin wireless router.

Open your Android tablet or phone and download a complete browser like Opera, Chrome or Firefox.

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For me, Google Chrome was excellent.

– Now, take a look at your wireless network list

– You will notice a new and unsecured Belkin wireless network, kindly connect with it.

– Now, type on top of your browser and hit the enter button.

– You will see your wireless router configuration; just the follow the given steps and set up the router password and security.

– You can add new network name and unique password for a wireless router and save the settings.

– After saving the settings, restart your Belkin router.

– Conratulations, your Belkin wireless router setup is completed. Now you can start using the wireless network.

Note – If you do not have the extra ethernet cable then you can use the same steps on the computer as well.

Now, I will guide you about an alternate way of installing the Belkin router.


It is the simplest way of setting up the Belkin router with your modem.

– Using the internet cable connect your modem with Belkin router as I have explained at the beginning of this post.

– Use the Ethernet cable from the first port of your router (LAN 1) to connect your computer.

– Type the in the browser and open the router setup page and allow the modem to identify your internet connection type.

Note – If you have the PPPoE connection then ask for username and password from your internet provider. However, if the connection type is DHCP type, then you don’t need the credentials.

When you are at Belkin router setup page, it allows you to make your connection secure by setting up the username and password.

Now, go to the wireless settings and disable the “Guest Network” (unless you decide to offer free Wi-Fi to everyone who walks in your store or office), also change the password if you like.

You can also edit the network name that will display on your screen. Once you are done with all these changes, kindly save all settings and reboot/restart your computer and router.

I am hopeful that this quick helped you with Belkin Wireless router setup.

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In case, if you need more help or pro assistance with Belkin Wireless router setup, please let us know by dropping your query in the comment box and please share us. This will help me to improve the quality of this informative post.

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Thank you for your time! 🙂