How To Recover Files From Formatted Hard Drive


How To Recover Files From Formatted Hard Drive:- Formatting your hard drive is necessary for your disk to be healthy. But at times, formatting may turn into a hasty decision when you forget to copy some important files on your hard drive. What to do? How to recover files from formatted hard drive? I have brought some answers to many such questions. Important files could be an official document, a video file, or even a report.

Different tools work on the recovery process differently. Some recovery programs offer a basic recovery covering files such as Documents, images, videos, conversations, emails, audio files, and archives. While some go advanced level restoration by saving setups and .exe files, you can find a range of such recovery tools, but as usual, they come at a cost.

When and why you would need a Recovery Tool

The most probable reasons why your hard drive is corrupted are

  • Due to improper partition or partition error.
  • Computer virus.
  • Unexpected power off
  • Reinstallation of windows system
  • Hard Disk Crash
  • Either the partition structure on a hard disk was fragmented or partition table is invalid.

What Formatting does to your files?

As you format a hard drive, the files stored on your operating system loses its reference. It stays on the disk unless you overwrite it with new data. Good News, you still have a solid chance to get it back. Logic is simple, and file loses its reference but stays physically in the memory, and you can’t access it. Recovering files from a formatted drive mean recovering their address/pointers. Read Also:- Best Date Recover Software to Recover Date from MAC

Caution: Stop using the hard drive when you have formatted it.

How To Recover Files From Formatted Hard Drive

Your next move should be choosing a reliable and 100% effective software to recover your lost data. How? Try the following list of tools and find out How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive. Read Also:Recover Deleted iMessage From iPhone

Wondershare Data Recovery (Recoverit)

How To Recover Files From Formatted Hard Drive

This recovery tool tops the list of best data recovery tools and used by over 5 million professionals worldwide. It offers a safe & secure recovery method with a guaranteed complete restoration. Recoverit is capable of retrieving deleted files from recycle bin, formatted disks, lost partition, external devices, virus attack, and system crash using advanced comprehensive recovery algorithm. Read Also : Best Ways to Retrieve your Lost Data

Step 1: Launch the program and run a scan through the partition where your data lost.

2: Preview the found files and click the Recover button.

Step 3: Specify folder location for the restored files.



If you are looking for free software to restore your lost data, Recuva is a safe and sound option. Recuva finds files from damaged or formatted disks systematically. It displays the files found on the drive and delivers affirmative results about which files are recoverable and which ones are not. You can easily find out the damaged files and recover undamaged files from a formatted disk selectively.

Step 1: open recova tool and run a scan through the partition where your data have loosed.

2: Preview the found files and click the Recover button.

Step 3: Specify folder location for the restored files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


With a 99% recovery rate, EaseUS grows to be an excellent tool to recover deleted files from formatted hard drive internal and external. This simple tool takes a few minutes to scan, preview, and restore the lost data from a damaged or corrupted drive to the location you specify. It’s handy for hard drives, which are as old as ten years or over.

Disk Drill


Disk Drill is one of the popular data recovery tools that comes with a simple and effective interface. It works smoothly across Windows and MAC operating systems and can be used to restore data from a formatted drive without any cost. Its working is a little bit different than other programs. Disk Drill is the only tool that comes with several tune-up utilities apart from just a restoration algorithm. You can also check your hard drive’s health, clear unnecessary files, and remove duplicates.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

mini tool

MiniTool is software that does a highly commendable job at recovering your data from a formatted drive. It’s well-known for its fast scanning speed and guarantees 100% safe data recovery from all sorts of data loss situations. MiniTool is considered a perfect tool to do the job for both high and low-level formatting. Like other programs, MiniTool also works following a select, scan, and restore method; above all, you can stop the scanning in the middle to continue it later.

Last Words

Figuring out How to recover files from formatted hard drive isn’t a mammoth task anymore. All you need is the right tool to get it done without panicking and obviously, without doing any additional work, your hard drives such as copying or reformatting. There are plenty of tools available that are capable of delivering results with and without fees. My suggestion is if your data is worth more than bucks, do go for as paid version for 100% recovery.


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