Easy Methods on How to Get Twitter Likes


Among the most valuable things for any Twitter account owner is Twitter likes. When you have likes on each of your tweets, then marketing on this social platform becomes easy and very effective. Twitter algorithms attach importance to social signals, likes being among them, when determining the relevance of tweet, thus be able to rank it high. This post looks at how one can easily get more likes on Twitter.

Invest in likes

As already mentioned, Twitter likes, just like followers and retweets, is a critical component when it comes to ranking. You need more of these social signals if you want to market your business effectively. But it is time-consuming and needs a lot of dedication. If you are too busy, then you can easily get your work done by social media company SocialBoss, To purchase from this company, you can click on this link https://socialboss.org/buy-twitter-likes and choose the package you wish for.

Timing is everything

Why would you choose to tweet when your Twitter followers are not available to see your tweet? Are you not tweeting so that they can be able to see what you have? When you tweet at the wrong time, then your tweet stands no chance of getting any likes.

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The secret to getting more and more likes is by knowing the time when most of your Twitter followers are active. When you tweet at such a time, then you can be sure that most of them will be able to see the tweet, and will eventually leave a like.

Ask for the likes

By simply adding the phrase, “Please Like,” you increase the chances of getting likes by up to 160%. This is an effective way of getting more likes for your Twitter content. Research has shown that more people will be willing to give you what you ask for on any social media platform, Twitter being among them. On every tweet you post, you can add a phrase that requests your followers to leave a like on it.

Post useful tweets

It is not going to be very easy getting more and more likes if all you do is post things that are irrelevant to your followers. You need to be creative, educate them, entertain them, and all that. When your followers see that your posts are really good, then getting likes from them becomes a guaranteed thing.

Don’t focus too much on promoting your business

One mistake that most Twitter account owners make is to focus solely on promoting their businesses on Twitter, and nothing else. This is not the best way to get social signals, as sometimes people become bored with promotional content all the time. Instead, you can spend more time liking other people’s tweets, posting content that is not related to your business, but you think it is relevant to your followers and all that.

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Liking other people’s tweets is specifically important, as it shows that you are also going through what they are posting. Those people whose tweets you have liked are likely to reciprocate, thus help you get more and more tweets.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags on Twitter is a sure way of ensuring that your tweet is seen by millions of people, even those who are not your followers. What this does is, it puts your tweets before all the people who are accessing that hashtag. Once they have seen the tweet, and it is either funny, helpful, or relevant to them, then they might end up leaving a like on the tweet.

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