How To Get More Views On Youtube


As we edge into 2020, YouTube is being used more and more by business marketers and content creators in the hope to reach a wide base of audience. There is no doubt that as the year would progress, more and more businesses would join YouTube with the goal of growing their business’s visibility.

If you are at a stage where you want to create a YouTube business channel for monetization, you have to understand YouTube’s algorithm, the importance of getting views, subscribers, and ways to reach a wide base of audience.

There are more than 50 million content creators on YouTube, so your distinctive content is what’s going to make you remarkable on YouTube.

To stand out from the crowd, here are some ways to get more views on YouTube:

Learn More About Your Audience

To increase your YouTube views, you need to understand your audience/viewers first. It is important to know what type of audience you are attracting while your channel is growing to know if they are interested in the content you provide. Moreover, you also have to see if your content is advertising about your business to potential customers.

While getting to know the audience used to take months and even years before, it has become very easy by analytics tools. When looking for the audience’s information, these tools should be your go-to solution.

All you have to do is go to your YouTube business channel’s analytics tab and discover your viewers’ information such as where they live, who is watching your content, who is liking your videos, their gender, how old they are, etc.

Knowing your audience to increase YouTube views is a good investment of time. Once you understand your audience, you can implement marketing methods that are not intrusive and get immediate results.

Another way to know more about your audience is to create polls using the YouTube Community page.

Paid Views to Jumpstart Your YouTube Business Channel

Many people ten to ignore the disadvantages of fake YouTube views and only focus on their advantages. But the thing is, the YouTube algorithm is getting smarter and smarter. Fake views could risk your business channel and cause it to be banned.

Realistically, fake YouTube views do not help your business channel to grow in the long run. Moreover, your channel starts getting demonetized.

Fake views, in short, are scam and waste of money.

On the other hand, organic YouTube views could get more viewers. When people notice views on your videos, they are more likely to watch your video due to the psychological effect.

Many platforms are helping YouTube business channels to flourish by offering organic views, being one of them. Paid views, is a good organic way to monetize your channel in the long run.

Optimize Your Video Description and Title

Creating content takes plenty of your time before it gets in front of the viewers’ eyes. There are three main factors that you must optimize- tags, descriptions, and titles.

If you want to audience to hook to your videos, you need to include keywords in your title as well as make it catchy. Do the same format for the video description as well. A brief blurb that’s explaining your video while including crucial keywords could help you get more YouTube views. However, you must avoid keyword stuffing because then, a lot of penalties would be waiting for you at the door.

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Advertise Your YouTube Content

Most content creators promote their business and social media websites in the video’s description to get more traffic to their websites as well as videos. So, be willing to cross-promote your content across all social media platforms.

Whenever you upload a new video, make sure to share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This encourages and entices people to your business channel.


If you have a problem rising in SERP, now is the right time to know your audience, invest in real views, and make your content associated with videos catchy. But it is always good to remember from time to time that success on YouTube is not something that could happen overnight. Engaging and posting consistently is the key to monetizing your business channel.