How to find No Copyright Images Free?


Using images on a website or blog is a difficult task in itself. Of course, if you are into a How-To tutorial, adding those how-to screenshots may be easy and simple enough. But, if you are looking for other images, you need to be careful enough with the right images that do not come with copyright issues.

If you are checking out the best options on how to find No Copyright images free, there are a few sources that would be helpful for your needs. In fact, there are multiple types of licenses that come with your shared images.

How to find the copyright on an image?

The images available on the internet can either be licensed for free use or maybe permitted for legal use with a few modifications. You should choose the images wisely enough and ensure that the images come with a commercial reuse license.

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The reason for using commercial license would be to ensure that if you use your website or blog for monetization, you will not run into trouble.

Use Google Images

Google Images or Google Image Search is an excellent option for finding the No Copyright images for free. You can either opt for the regular option of the web search on Google and then pick the Images tab. Or else you can specifically go to the Image Search tool directly by visiting

You can find the royalty-free images or no Copyright images with ease by applying filters. The filters on Google Image Search are a little hidden.

Here are the tips on how to find the No Copyright images for free on Google images –

  • On your search page, click on Tools

Copyright Images Free

  • You should now find the second row of results. This will include the filters applied explicitly to the images available on Google Images.
  • Click on Usage Rights and then choose Labelled for reuse with modificationor Labelled for reuse

Copyright Images Free

  • Of course, you can even choose the options such as Labelled for non-commercial reuse with modification or Labelled for non-commercial reuse. But, these options may not be suitable for a website or a blog.
  • Choosing the option Labelled for reuse with modification would be a great option as the Labelled for reuse option would not provide you enough number of images. You can modify the images a little and use it for commercial purposes.

That way, you would be able to get access to the best images with 100 percent copyright-free images.

Get access to Creative Commons Image

There are other options other than Google Image Search to find the best No Copyright images free. Creative Commons would be an excellent option for the best images.

There are several ways you can opt for finding the Creative Commons image. Wikimedia Commons can be an excellent option for finding creative common images. This site would be an excellent option for checking out the images used in the Wikipedia articles.

However, the images on Wikipedia may not be ultimately copyright free. Photopin and Compfight are the two other options that can be one of the great options you would be able to find the Creative Commons image. These two tools would be the best options for searching for your images on Flickr.

And that brings us to Flickr. The service is an excellent choice for finding creative commons images. In fact, it has been considered to be the prime repository of royalty-free images, and you should be able to find a great deal of copyright-free images here. Of course, searching directly on Flickr can be a little cumbersome and tedious. The above tools help you download the images in the resolution you would prefer and help you search for multiple images in one go!

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Make sure you have chosen the right filtering options when using the two tools that we just suggested. Choosing the commercial reuse filter would be the wisest decision for the reasons we already discussed.

The list of best CCO image search services

You have access to a host of services and websites that list out and host CCO or Creative Commons license. Some of the excellent options for finding the right No Copyright images for free would include the following –


If there is a CCO image out there, it should be available on Pixabay. In fact, the service acts as an aggregator for creative commons images, while hosting its own images as well. The service offers you access to a wide range of images and perhaps one of the most extensive options.

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You can find images that have both commercial and personal credits. The images available here are in high resolution, and you do not need to sign up for the service to be able to pick your images. Do note that there are a few images that may be low in quality.


Pexels hosts the images directly on their site. It helps you get access to the best possible stock library ever. The service also outsources the images from sites such as Gratisography, Little Visuals, and a few others.

The quality of the images you can download from the service is indeed quite excellent. A site quite equivalent to Flickr in terms of performance, this would be an excellent option for you if you are looking for information on how to find No Copyright images free.

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The images available on Unsplash are graded Creative Commons Zero or CC0. You can even get your images without the need to register for the service. However, creating an account can have additional benefits.

Created by Crew, which is an online marketing agency, the platform has been one of the most prominent options for your images. In addition to offering you the best options for stock photography, it also provides you access to some of the graphic design work.

The Concluding Thoughts

CC0 images or Creative Commons Zero images have been one of the excellent options for ensuring that you do not need to go through the copyright violation issues of any sort. Use any of the options above to find No Copyright images free and get access to a completely legitimate website ever.