How to Design a Festive Logo for Your Website


.Putting a festive version of the logo on a website is the same as putting up a Christmas tree or a happy birthday sticker in the office – they help create a festive mood. With the help of a web design agency, creating a festive atmosphere on your website by placing a cute thematic logo for Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday is easier than ever! Here are three pieces of advice for you to achieve the best impressions on any special occasion.

Three great tips for design a festive logo

Researchers have proven that brands that create festive items or decorate their platforms for different holidays appear more friendly and open than those that don’t. The same goes for digital platforms like social media and websites. Follow these tips, and you won’t be disappointed!

Method One: Simple

Most modern logos are a combination of the brand name and its typeface. If your logo is one of those, then you are fortunate. To turn a regular logo into a New Year’s logo, for example, replace the graphic element with a holiday icon. You can do it yourself or with the help of professional designers.

Of course, this is not the best way to decorate a logo for the holidays, but it is the easiest and cheapest. There are many sites where, for free or cheap, you can download festive icons on a transparent background. You can combine such a picture with a logo in almost any graphics editor, as long as it is better than Paint.

Tip: choose an icon similar to your existing one. If the shape of the graphic sign of your logo is a circle, you can replace it with a Christmas ball or a colored egg, if it is a square – with a gift box, if it is a triangle – with a Christmas tree or any other appropriate symbol.

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If the logo is not a combination of sign and name but the only font, do not despair, especially if a letter “o” is in the title.

You can try to replace one of the letters in the name according to the scheme described above. It should not have a very critical effect on readability, especially since it is only a couple of weeks. Or substitute a celebratory element next to the name. If you are looking for some examples, check out this link.

Method Two: More Complicated

This method does not consist of replacing a brand name with a thematic icon, but just in its decoration, inscriptions, or emblems – it all depends on what type of logo the company has. That is, you can “put” an element on the logo, hang tinsel or garland, or powder the entire logo with snow or confetti.

This method is more complicated, because it requires a little more skill in graphic editors, as well as having a vector version of the logo (or at least png on a transparent background), and judging by experience, not everyone has this “luxury”. Moreover, the resulting version of the logo will be less recognizable in comparison with the first method.

Tip: try to keep the logo style. Roughly speaking, if the logo is flat, then the decorations should be painted in a flat style. If the logo is voluminous or generally photorealistic, then the decoration should be appropriate.

Method Three: The Difficult One

The most difficult, but perhaps most effective, way is to “integrate” the festive entourage into the logo. Here, it is already implied not just that the decoration of the main version of the logo, but the creation of a particular festive variation. In this case, you must either keep the form of the original text to the maximum or the color scheme or, in some exciting way, beat the elements existing in the logo.

Thus, the holiday logo will not lose much in recognition but will be much more unique and spectacular.

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Summing up

It is important to remember that the logo is the face of the brand, and you need to treat it with care and respect. Most logo guidelines say that any distortion of the logo is prohibited; that the brand unit (sign + name) is complicated; that using files other than those supplied with the manual as logos is forbidden.

And, of course, all these manuals are almost 100% right. If the rules are not established. We would more often see logos repainted, pinched, stretched or the original logo ditched entirely.

In general, you should not boldly change the logo at first. But if you are ready and confident that your target audience will appreciate. Also accept this change positively, then why not! After all, Google changes its logo almost every day, and it only gets better. So go for it, and have a happy holiday!