How to delete Kik account permanently?


Delete Kik account:  Kik is an instant messaging service through which you can send individual and group messages instantly and also make video calls. It works similar to Whatsapp but one best feature but concerning one is you can even chat with strangers. Therefore, Kik is also called a Tinder alternative; moreover, if you are interested in dating, this app is something you can look forward to.

It also behaves like Telegram with loads of images, emojis, sketches, and GIFs. There might be quite a few technical or personal reasons for users to delete a Kik account. So in this blog, we will see how to delete the Kik account without email and how to delete Kik’s account YouTube.

Many users may have the question,” Can You Permanently Delete a Kik Account?” This blog gives you the right answer for that question as well, in simple steps.

How to delete the Kik account?

You can delete the Kik account either temporarily or permanently. If you delete your Kik account temporarily, no one can log in with your credentials. But if you wish to restore Kik services, it is possible too. So your account does not shut down as such even after deletion. Yet, if you wish to delete your Kik account, follow these simple steps.

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Steps to permanently delete your Kik account

Note that you might be losing access to all your chat data, friends’ details, and your username. Also, you cannot create another Kik account with the same username for new registration.

  • Access the Kik website on your browser and navigate to the Kik Delete Page.
  • Provide your username and email information in the relevant fields as requested.
  • Go to your email and check whether you have received any emails pointing to Kik account termination.
  • Click the Permanently Delete option on your account at the bottom. This deletes your Kik account forever.

How to delete your child’s Kik account permanently?

As a responsible parent, you should know what is happening with and around your child. If you want your child’s Kik account to be removed permanently, you can raise a request from your end. But you should be able to provide the e-mail id your child is using for accessing the Kik account. Once you get the e-mail id, follow these steps for the account deletion.

  • Send an e-mail to [email protected] with specifying the subject line as Parent Inquiry.
  • Mention your child’s Kik username and their age.
  • You will receive a form to fill in from the Kik customer services.
  • Fill the form completely and submit the same through e-mail for account deletion.

If you are unaware of your child’s Kik username, open the Kik app on their phone and tap the cog and then tap Settings. Now you will be able to see your child’s Kik display name at the top. Do not go for a second search because your child’s Kik display name appears just beneath.

How to temporarily delete your Kik account?

This may look similar to the steps that you use to delete your Kik account permanently. Let us see which step makes a difference.

  • Once you open the Kik website URL on your browser, immediately go to the Kik Account page.
  • Now enter your username and e-mail address and click on Go.
  • Check whether you have received any link from Kik to your e-mail regarding the account deletion.
  • Click Deactivate. This will deactivate your account temporarily but restore all your previous data as it is in case you wish to reuse the same Kik account.

Deleting a Kik account without an e-mail

A parent may not be able to go with this, to delete their child’s Kik account. But as an individual teen or adult, you can request Kik’s customer support to delete your account without an e-mail address. This could happen only if you do not have access to the e-mail address you have provided while registering with Kik. You should at least have one credential to get this done. If you lose both the e-mail id and username, it is impossible to delete your Kik account in either way and cannot do anything further.

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What happens after your Kik account removed permanently?

Once deleted permanently, you may not be able to use the existing Kik account anymore. You will not appear to other users while they search through your username or e-mail id. Also, only with whom you have had a chat will be able to see your chats displayed until you were active on Kik. You cannot view your own chat history anymore.

How to confirm if your Kik account deleted?

Without logging into Kik, it is not possible to confirm if your existing account deleted. To confirm whether it has done, you can log in from any of your friend’s accounts and see whether your display picture is visible. Mostly after account deletion, your display picture will not appear. Also, the moment you click on deactivate, the Kik support deactivates your number from the messaging service. So it is difficult that a Kik account reopens.

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How to close inactive accounts in Kik?

Kik does not provide any special service for closing accounts that are not active for ages. Moreover, there are no policies by the company for deactivating such inactive accounts. Only if the user has deleted the respective Kik account others may not be able to view their username requests or any information.

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Kik has got some wonderful reviews from users who have been using it for years and months. Hoping this blog has given you proper information on how to delete Kik account in simple steps and a complete guide about deletion in detail as well. Deletion is possible in any instant messaging app service. But if you are bored with using those apps then there is no harm to remove the account. Otherwise, do not get into any terrifying situation that harms you on not only using Kik but any social messaging app and does not allow you to lead life peacefully.