How to Access Blocked Websites [Step by Step Guide]


How to Access Blocked Websites:- We will sometimes be unable to open certain websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, or other sites from around the world or on your college, school, or work computer and we note that these websites are blocked on computers. At that time, only one question comes in our mind. How to Access these blocked websites. So read our step by step tutorial to understand how to access blocked websites.

How to Access Blocked Websites

how to access blocked websites

To access any blocked website, you can use one of the tutorials we shared here. We test these listed tutorials. Please keep in mind, some of the tricks to access the blocked website will not work every time, but try it also it may work for you. So, Let’s start the tutorial…

Using Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are one of the simplest and most popular methods to access blocked websites. Proxy servers are nothing but the online proxy servers which work on bypass network redirection to access block websites instead of directly connecting to the sites that are blocked.

Some popular free proxy servers to access blocked websites in collages, School, and at work pace are hiding my ass,, etc. 

How to Setup Proxy Servers to Access Blocked websites

It is effortless to open any blocked or banned websites with the proxy server. You just have to set up the proxy in your browser to access blocked websites on your server. The popular web browser such as Chrome and Firefox both has a bit different steps in setup proxy. So, we shared both browser steps to set up a proxy for accessing blocked sites.

Setup Proxy in Google Chrome

Open Chrome setting by clicking TOP RIGHT CORNER OR type chrome://settings in chrome browser >> Scroll Down till last and click on SHOW ADVANCED SETTING >> find and click on CHANGE PROXY SETTING under NETWORK TAB >> Fill your PROXY IP and PORT and save. Done

Setup Proxy in Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox & click on TOOLS and then click on OPTIONS >> Click on Advanced Tab and now click on NETWORK TAB >> Click on SETTING and Choose MANUAL PROXY CONFIGURATION >> Enter your PROXY IP and PORT and then Save it. Done…

Using Translation service

If you are looking for the simplest trick to unblock any blocked websites, then online translation services such as Google TranslateBabelFish are the best medium to open blocked websites. These are the translation websites and allow you to translate from one language to another and display the translated result on their page. Using these translate sites as a web proxy server, you can easily access any blocked website.

To Access, any blocked websites through Google translate follow given steps

1– Open any Translate website like Google translate, enter the blocked website URL which you want to access

2– Select any of your regional language (like Hindi, Urdu) and then click to translate

3– Once you finish these given steps, you will be able to unblock the blocked website.

Using the IP Address

Access Blocked Websites Using IP Address is another working method. Many users wish to use this trick to access blocked websites. To open any blocked websites through these methods. You only need to IP address of the blocked website which you want to open in the computer.

Once you have or got the IP address of the blocked websites that are blocked, open your favorite web browser and type the IP address and press Enter to Access Blocked Websites Using IP Address.

Using Cache

Some of the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo store the cache of every website often. So, you can access the cache of any web page using search engines’ old cache.

To access the cached version of any website, open a search engine like and find the cached link from search result OR using the google chrome cache search operator “” – where “” is the blocked web domain that you want to unblock.

Using Webpage to PDF Generators

PDF Generators service is a type of service which enable you to generate PDF file of any web page. Through this trick, you can also access any blocked sites. Some of PDF generator service tools are PDFmyUR, PDFCrowd, and HTML to PDF.

To read or access blocked website you only need to enter URL of the desired webpage and you will get an intent document to download. So, through these tricks, you can easily convert any web page you are viewing to a PDF file.

Using VPN

Even all the tutorial maintained above doesn’t work than the last trick will definitely work to unblock any blocked websites.

VPN (Virtual Privet Network) – VPN is a popular service that gives you the power to connect on the internet through a server run by the VPN Provider. All the data travel between your device and the VPN server will be securely encrypted. The VPN is allowing you to browse the web anonymously and safely eliminating the issue of website blocking as a result. 


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