How Cloud Computing Can Boost Your SEO


Cloud computing is the future. A step forward for any business. It’s an on-demand service where data, applications, and processing power are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices over the internet. If utilized well, it can have a huge impact on your business. It’s no secret why cloud technology such as cloud hosting is becoming part of SEO marketing efforts.

When an organization embraces cloud computing, it benefits by getting all the space required to store and back up data safely, while also enjoying faster load times and a more effective IT infrastructure. If you are wondering what cloud computing can do for your Search Engine Optimization strategy, below are some reasons why you should consider it.

Increased Page Loading Speed and Better SEO Ranking

Nobody likes a slow loading website. One of the key strengths of cloud computing is that it allows the rapid loading of pages. Unlike other types of hosting, this technology is not affected by issues such as poor server infrastructure. Cloud computing dramatically reduces the average algorithm processing time and transfers large amounts of data within a blink of an eye.

Slow loading times make your site lose favor in the eyes of web visitors and search engines thus leading to your page being overlooked by search engines. When you want to transform your business approach and reap the full benefits of SEO through cloud computing, you will need to partner with the right cloud strategy experts. These are professionals who have the skills required to guide you through your digital transformation process.

Hosting Location

Search engines are built in a way that makes them prioritize geography when returning results. For instance, if you key in the phrase “IT services Albany, NY” in a search bar, only websites within that area are likely to come up on the first page. Businesses in other locations are left out thus missing out on customers and opportunities.

Before, online businesses that wanted to reach different geographical locations had to buy and maintain several websites and domain names. Cloud platforms have multi-geo capabilities as data is spread out in multiple servers across the world. This guarantees you that your site won’t be bypassed by search engines at any time. By tapping the visibility you get, you will always have a competitive advantage.

Increased Uptime

When your site is out of action, you not only lose out on clients, but search engines also rank it lower. Unlike physical servers, cloud servers are highly reliable. Your data is backed up multiple times, and there are systems in place to monitor and quickly identify and fix any hitches. With constant uptime, you are sure to get attention from search engines and get high SEO rankings.

Keep Your Site’s Content Secure

Malware is getting sophisticated and dangerous with each passing day, according to a Forbes article. Malicious software negatively impacts your website. If a search engine comes across them on your site, it shoves your site down to a lower position.

Whether your site is prone to clickjacking, phishing, denial of service, or other forms of attack, you can find a safe haven in cloud computing. Cloud solutions providers offer top-of-the-line security to their clients ensuring your site is safe, and all data is backed up. By embracing this secure technology, your website will have an extra layer of protection, and it will always remain perched up there when it comes to SEO ranking.

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The Bottom Line

Cloud computing has countless SEO benefits. By switching from traditional hosting to cloud-based services, your SEO strategy is set to gain a major boost. Not to mention access to the latest technologies. By taking advantage of the cloud, your business will always be ahead in search engine optimization.