Some new Windows 10 features have been added with the first release of the update. Most of the updates are bug fixes and performance improvements, but some of the features have been hidden away. Here are some features that you must be unaware of.

Find my device

Find my phone is the new feature that you might be using in order to find your phone but when if you lost your laptop? In the previous version of windows, you have to go for the third-party app in order to track your laptop’s location. This time Microsoft decided to add this function to Windows 10. This new system works as per your Microsoft Account. You can enable this setting by following the method

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Go to Settings > Find My Device


Cortana is the new feature that has a lot of use in the latest Windows 10. The new option in the Cortana setting will inform you if you miss any call. Cortana uses your number to send a text to the person who called you. This option is not available in the messaging app, and you need to have Cortana enabled in order to get its benefit.

Auto Time Zone

As we know, windows have the capability of automatic time zone but if you travel to different time zone then doesn’t change it automatically. But now with the new update feature, your device will update the time automatically according to the new place.

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Cast Media to device

Windows was already supporting DLNA and Miracast but with this new feature make it more discoverable. If you are using Microsoft Edge then using the new option you can cast media to the device quickly. You can also send photos, videos, and audios to other compatible devices.

New Skype apps

Microsoft included Skype as its own feature now. If you have installed the latest update then you can easily find it out. You can even use Cortana to find out the app list.

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Stay Tuned we will cover all other hidden options of Windows soon. Thanks for your support, keep visiting BulletinTech.


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