How to Hack Android Games without Root 2020


How to Hack Android Games: One of the best things about Android OS is that the user can download and play numerous games without paying a dime for the downloading it. However, Most of the games would be interesting and there are situations where players are stuck in a level for more than few days just because they are not ready to pay an amount.

There are also situations where some players are stuck at a level just because the level is complicated or the level of difficulty of the particular level could be difficult. The only way to survive or pass this level, the user would have to purchase something or hack the game. Hacking a game could be done in two ways, by rooting the device and without rooting the device. However, rooting the device is a complicated procedure and cannot be attained easily. So, most of the people would prefer hacking their Android games without rooting the device.

Here are the two best ways that could help you hack Android games without rooting the device.

Method – 1 (Lucky Patcher App)

  • Step 1: Click here and download the Lucky Patcher installation file.
  • Step 2: After downloading the installation file, open the installation file and install the app.
  • Step 3: Now, open the app once the installation is completed.
  • Step 4: Open the app and then the home page of the app will display the games installed on your device. Click the game that needs to be hacked.
  • Step 5: Once, you click the game to hack, you will find a few options popping up the screen. Click the option “Open Menu of Patches”
  • Step 6: Now, select the option “Create Modified APK File” that appears on the screen.
  • Step 7: Now, you will find an option appearing on the screen “APK rebuild for InApp and LVL emulation”. Click this option and wait until the process is completed.
  • Step 8: Once, the process is completed, uninstall the game, which you hacked.
  • Step 9: Navigate to file manager on your device and then to SD Card> to Android> data> to com.forpda.lp> to files> to luckypatcher> to modified> and click the required game

That is it; you will now find the hacked game on your phone home screen.

Method -2 (Game Killer App)

  • Step 1: Click here and download the Lucky Patcher installation file.
  • Step 2: Open the APK file and install the app.
  • Step 3: Now, open the app and select the option “Hack Android Games without root”
  • Step 4: A list of games installed on your device will appear on the screen, click the game you want to hack.
  • Step 5: Once you select the game, the app will display the features that it could hack. For example, the gold, the life, the levels etc. Select the features you want to hack.
  • Step 6: Now, hit the “Back” button.

The Game Killer would have now hacked your game and have altered the features as you requested. If you open the game and find it not hacked, you can simply open the game through the Game Killer app and then enjoy playing the hacked game.

The above-mentioned are the most efficient and common Android game hacking methods that could be used to alter the game features. The apps are working and are tested by our team of gamers.

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