Growing Trend Of Using Coin Operated Laundry Equipment


The coin-operated laundry equipment is self-service and commercial grade laundry equipment that has been placed in service in the retail space. It occupies the retail space by virtue of long term leases, most of which are valid between ten and twenty-five years, and which generate a steady flow of cash in the lease period. The coin laundries are highly unique and small businesses in the sense that there are no receivables or inventory that is associated with these. The market value of coin laundry equipment can be anything from $50,000 to $1 million.

Generates A Lot Of Profit And Operates Under Extensive Business Hours

The coin-operated laundry equipment is capable of generating profits from $15,000 to as much as $300,000 in the course of a single year. Business hours start from six in the morning and continue till as late as ten in the night.

Value Determined On The Basis Of Equipment Cost And Construction Cost

New coin laundries tend to be valued on the basis of equipment costs and the cost of actual construction. The existing coin laundries, however, are valued based entirely on the net revenues that these are seen to generate on an annual basis.

Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Easy To Use

A huge benefit of using the coin laundry equipment for cleaning clothes is that the equipment is quite easy to operate and use. All that one has to do is insert the required coin into the coin hole and the washing process will be initiated immediately. People can thus get their clothes washed quickly and easily and for a really affordable price when they make use of coin laundry equipment to clean their garments.

Widely Available

The coin laundry equipment is also quite widely available and one can come across such equipment in most retail spaces in major cities and towns of the globe. Getting the chance to wash clothes in coin laundry equipment is therefore not likely to be difficult or impossible.

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Popular All The Time

Since people need to wash their clothes all of the time, the coin laundry equipment is seen to draw large numbers of takers in periods of economic recession as well as economic growth. There is seldom ever a time when such equipment is out of business.

Attracts Users Of Every Age & Economic Background

National demographics appear to indicate that people of every age group and from all walks of life make extensive use of coin laundry equipment to wash their clothes. It is a type of service that caters well to people from diverse economic backgrounds.

Comes With An Extensive Shelf Life And Is Easy To Maintain

The coin laundry equipment comes with a long shelf life and is easy to maintain and use over an extensive period of time. It is a good product to invest in as it seldom shows any signs of wear and tear and can run efficiently for a good number of years before having to be replaced.

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