Galaxy S7 May have Xperia Z5s Features


Galaxy S7 is the new upcoming flagship phone from Samsung. Samsung is working over the latest 20MP ISOCELL sensor for the new Galaxy S7 but rumors are coming that Samsung is showing interest over Xperia Z5 camera.

As per the rumors, Samsung is well impressed with the new IMX300 sensor used in Xperia Z5 and so they want it to install in their new Galaxy S7 as well.

We think they won’t ditch the sensor names ISOCELL, they may include something different on their other devices model in the same way as the processor set up in the previous versions of Galaxy phones.


Sony wants to keep this feature for its Xperia range phones but the company is also keeping an eye on the selling of Samsung phones. Sony phones with such a sensor can be a reason to boost the selling. Samsung Galaxy S6 was featuring a 16MP sensor, on the other hand, Xperia Z5 is featuring a 23MP one.

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As per the rumors, the latest 20MP ISOCELL on which Samsung is working has a new color pattern of RWB which enhances the light in the camera and this makes the pic look better even in the low light.


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