9 Gadgets to Keep You Cool During Summer


Summer in India can be sweltering from April to July, leaving residents almost looking forward to the wet monsoon season. Instead of simply accepting the heat and staying miserable, try one of these 9 gadgets and tips to keep you cool this summer.

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Keep your body hydrated. It’s a common sense idea that many people overlook. When your body is not hydrated enough, it works harder to regulate its temperature. Use cool water or fresh lemonade throughout the day to keep your body constantly refreshed and running at its optimum temperature. There are some cool gadgets out there that keep your water cold at the same time as they spray a refreshing mist over your body.

Have a cool place to relax. Not every home has a fresh cross-breeze to keep it cool, but you have to have at least one room in your home to be able to rest and cool down, especially when you are sleeping. If you don’t already have one, you may want to look into getting an ac on rent.

It’s a great investment for your health – if you are constantly overheating, you will be too tired and miserable to live your life the way you could be. Instead of calling in sick, make your home a relaxing, refreshing place to stay by grabbing one of the coolers on rent that are available in your area.

Take a cool shower. If you are hot, a nice cold shower can actually make it worse. Instead, five minutes in a cool – not cold – shower can reset your body temperature and help you regulate yourself for hours.

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Consider your curtains. Are your curtains simply for keeping others from seeing in, or do they serve a purpose? Heavy, dark curtains can insulate your home from the heat, absorbing the sun’s rays and blocking them out of your house. A few degrees on a sweltering day can make a big difference.

Use your phone as a fan. You can find portable fans that plug into your phone’s USB port. What other accessory do you have on you at all times? It makes sense to use the power from your phone to keep you cool. It’s a power source most of us have 24/7.

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Eat accordingly. It’s easy to load up on delicious meals, but in the heat of the summer, you should choose your food carefully. Avoid hot, heavy foods and fill up on salads, fruits, and cold dishes to help your body stay regulated.

Stay moisturized. The heat of the summer saps the moisture out of your skin, making your body work harder. You can help reduce the stress and strain by choosing a moisturizer that contains ingredients that naturally soothe and cool, such as cucumber or aloe.

Avoid the sun at peak times. This is almost a natural part of life for most people, but if you haven’t already implemented it, try to plan your day to be inside somewhere from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., when the sun is at its hottest. But if you do have to go anywhere during those times, invest in a sun umbrella. This versatile gadget has a liner that blocks out UV rays and can swivel in any direction to keep you protected.

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Invest in cooling gadgets to wear. From vests and jackets that keep you cool to wrist wraps that you simply wet and wear, you can still dress for the occasion and stay cool no matter where you go.

Stay Cool by Thinking Smart

Planning ahead and investing in a few inexpensive, smart gadgets can help you stay cool this summer. It’s an investment in your health and your lifestyle that you can’t afford to ignore!