How to Free Up Internal Storage on Android Smartphone


How to Free Up Internal Storage on Android Smartphone:- In our android device like android phone’s or tablets, internal memory is loaded with so many things like Images, videos, Mp3, downloaded application and some other files or folders.

Android device internal memory also consumed by the pre loaded apps and android settings or files. As long as your android device is new, then everything is fine, but as he grows older your internal storage get full and most of your android features slow seems to work.

After that your android phone or tablet gets slow and start hanging up with multiple tasks. So its batter to free up internal storage in android device to keep the processing speeds of your android device and make faster. so in this tutorial i am sharing some important ways to Free Up Internal Storage on Android Smartphone or Speed up Android device. Read MoreHow to Add Recycle bin features in your android phone

Here we will discuss the topic, how to free Up Internal Storage In Android Device and how fast the mobile will slow the process. I hope that, this wills really helpful for you to Free Up Internal Storage on Android.

Free Up Internal Storage on Android

Free Up Internal Storage on Android

So, here we have some useful ways that you can use to Free up Internal Storage in Android Device.

Compress Image

In our Android device we keep on Images taken by camera and new phone due to the batter quality camera the size of images which range from 5-10 MB. So, its batter to compress image size without losing their image quality. There are many android apps available to compress image size without loosing there picture quality. Here we will discuss one of them named photo compress.

Simply download photo compress App from Google play store and start compress Image without losing their image quality. By this way you can Free Up Internal Storage on Android Smartphone.

Upload Media Files to cloud Storage

As we a know, in our android device we keep too many images and videos and it occupies to many space. So, its batter to upload your media files like image and video to cloud storage. These files will be accessible in your android device, but actually they will be present in the cloud storage and will be displaying through it. So, it is greatest way to keep your internal storage clean. You can use Gouge Cloud storage to upload your media files.

Clear Cache and Junk Files

Internal cache and junk files can make your device slower and hang a lot. The cache and junk files that are a residue from the apps that is instead in your device. so, regular cleaning is the solution to avoid cache and junk files effects. You can use Cache Cleaner App to clean up cache and junk files and keep Free Up Internal memory on Android Smartphone.

Uninstall Apps you do not use

Some time you may download an android app you do not want or not regular use. These types of apps occupy unnecessary space in your android’s internal memory. So, uninstall this type of apps to Free up Internal memory in Android Device. To uninstall these app follow given steps

Step 1 – go to setting menu
Step 2 – Application > Manage Application
Step 3 -chose those application which you want to uninstall or delete
Step 4 – click on Uninstall and then Ok
That’s it…

Move Apps to SD card

Apps that are being installed in your android device covers a lot of internal space of your android device. So, its batter to move phones app to SD card. It will free Up Internal memory and also make faster your android device.


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