Top 2019 Free Apps for iPad Pro


For the iPad Pro, there is no limitation of free apps; however, in this comprehensive blog, we are not talking about free apps like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Instead, we have managed to include in this list free apps from every category that iPad Pro must have for the convenience of its users. Apple Pencil 2 and Apple Smart Keyboard Folio bring iPad Pro experience a step closer to MacBook. Most of us in our team use it for everything from photo editing to email; it has become a daily driver for us. Let’s us take a look at these free apps and understand how much you can make out of your iPad pro.

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2019s Best Free Apps for iPad Pro

1. Microsoft OneNote: Note Making (Download Here)

You must be already aware that Apple devices come with their few of natives’ apps, including “Notes,” which is good enough. Moreover, it competes well with few paid apps as well. However, options are in native “Notes” app is its features scattered around varied menus and opportunities are limited, which calls for other batter apps. OneNote, on the other hand, is one such app that can take care of all essential functions of the note taking app.


  • Supports Face ID
  • To view note on any device, it offers Auto Cloud sync
  • It supports multiple page formats
  • Offers multi-color highlighter, pens, auto shape, and lasso tool.
  • Supports both hand-written and typing notes
  • Create pages, section, and notebook.

2. Documents by Readdle: File Manager (Download Here)

As iPad user, you must already know that in your device you have a plethora of files onboard as iPad Pro has many uses. Managing all these documents and files with native “File” app is a bit tedious task, and the native app is limited to document management function only. Alternatively, Documents by Readdle is a comprehensive file management app that enables you to manage both documents and media files.


  • Supports Face ID
  • Save web pages with the help of in-built browser
  • Offers multiple cloud-support
  • Transfer support via Wi-Fi
  • File management and transfer

3. Photoshop Express: Photo Editor (Download here)

No, we have not mentioned the Light room in this article. For many photographers, Adobe Lightroom is the go-to app because of its intuitive interface and quick pre-set. However, if you are looking for more than Adobe Photoshop Express should be your choice of the app as it delivers more than lighting settings and pre-sets. Moreover, it is free of cost. To our surprise, the Photoshop Express has features like object masking and layers.


  • It can easily be integrated with other Photoshop apps
  • Masking and layers support
  • Export and compose PSD projects
  • Frame and collage options
  • For social media uploads pre-set crop options
  • Essential editing tools like lighting, HSL, and themes.

4. Foxit PDF: PDF Editor (Download Here)

Our tech review team tried many PDF editors both free and paid for iPad and yet end up on Foxit PDF, which we use quite often. You will find that many paid PDF apps fail miserably to deliver the features which Foxit PDF provides. You can also consider its paid version if you are looking for more editing tools.


  • Supports color options and dark mode for pages
  • Delete or add pages in PDF
  • Multiple page-view options
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Signatures, stamps, and annotations.

5. Paper: Sketching (Download Here)

If you are looking for sketching apps, then Adobe Sketch is the best, but you must know it is entirely for pro users. However, if you are not a pro and then Wetransfer gives Paper, which is a most straightforward app to use. Even for us, it was surprising that Wetransfer can also provide us drawing and sketching app. On the other hand, it turned out to be upfront and pretty easy.


  • Paint on a blank canvas
  • From a camera or local memory add images
  • It gives you on-screen color pellet
  • You will also get paint templates
  • Tools like fading brush, pencil, pens and brushes are available

6. DuckDuck Go: Browser (Download Here)

Safari is a secure browser which is in-built in iPad Pro. However, when it comes to safe browsing, then DuckDuck Go is an excellent web browser that we trust most. The app is easy to use and efficiently optimized for iPad. It not just offers enhanced security features, both offline and online. Also, it takes less storage space.


  • On the browser, tab get website security ranking
  • Private and encrypted searches
  • No sharing of data with advertising networks
  • To wipe browser, it gives one-touch kill switch
  • Supports dark mode
  • To lock the app, it helps Face ID

7. Edison Mail: Email (Download Here)

If you are seriously looking for a third-party app for email on your iPad pro, then Edison Mail is our best bet in the category of free apps. It offers you password protection and user-friendly interface. This app can easily replace all email apps that you have been used or using on your iOS devices. Under one roof, the app enables you to hold multiple user accounts, and it is quick to set up as well as extremely simple to use.


  • It gives you customizable swipe options
  • Manage all signatures
  • Classify email into travel, bill, and subscription, etc.
  • Supports Face ID

8. iMovie: Video Editor (It’s already in your iPad Pro)

We know iMovie is not a new ap for you and most of you already using it. I tried to research out many free video editing apps, and when consulted few video editing professionals, most of them suggested iMovie. So eventually, our team reviewed the app, and we must say that it does some remarkable work.


  • Manual edits with audio input, crossfade, crop and much more
  • It offers you guided pre-sets
  • Trailer and movie support
  • It supports manual editing and guided editing

9. AccuWeather: Weather (Download Here)

From the past few years, the unpredictable weather conditions are taking a toll on us, and we understand that spoiling plans due to uncertain weather are not what anyone of us wants. The reason we mentioned this app for iPad Pro because we know most of you like to carry this portable device with you everywhere. Moreover, having this app in this go-to device of yours can help you check the weather conditions even on the move.


  • On all devices get weather condition alerts
  • Daily and hourly forecast
  • For precipitation forecast, you will get the select tab
  • Both Real-Feel and actual temperature will be shown here

10. Rainbrow: Games (Download Here)

Don’t expect candy crush or PUBG everywhere as we have something far more interesting for you in this list. Rainbrow is the game specific to iPhone X series and iPad Pro with the in-depth front camera. You guessed somewhat right; you do not need to use your hands to play this game. The app is designed in such a way that it will capture your facial expressions and use them to move the emoticons on the screen.


  • Face control

Final Words

We hope that we covered not all but necessary apps with sufficient details in the list which can help you to pick the right set of apps for your iPad Pro.

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