Foundation of promotional campaigns-market messaging strategy


If you are thinking to take the marketing plan of your organization to the next level through the promotional campaigns, then it is important that you think about the message you will send to your customer. In this post, we will learn about marketing message strategy and its type. There are six messaging strategies namely: emotional, generic, unique selling proposition, preemptive and positioning brand image. You can understand all these strategies and find out which one is required by your organization and it will be the first step towards making a promotional campaign.

market messaging strategy

Marketing message-

As the name tells the market message is a messaging strategy used by an organization to communicate with the target audience to tell about what it does. A message strategy usually comprises of the positioning statement as well as points which support it. It addresses the target market’s problem as well as tells how your services or product can solve it.

A good messaging strategy can help you in brand positioning for scalability as well as for big wins. Now let’s understand about the foundation of promotional campaigns– “marketing message strategy.”


promotional campaigns

A good messaging strategy uses emotions to sell. An as using this method should make their customers feel an emotional connection to the brand or product. Emotion is not just a handy tool which you sprinkle throughout your marketing method, but it has a realistic and scientifically proven impact on the decision making the power of the customer.

Hence, marketers must throw all the logic, facts, as well as features at customers in a sensible way and this will impact their decision-making ability. When they have an emotional connection with the product they will surely buy it.

Unique selling proposition-

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Unique selling proposition

This method highlights the unique qualities of your product which others don’t offer. What are the factors or features which makes your company stand apart from others? This is the main thing which you need to find out. The USP is not easy to pin down and it varies depending on the things which companies offer. Example- a company offers you pizza delivery services and other offerings same but they claim to deliver it within a short period of time. A customer will go for the one which offers fast services and this is what makes that company stand out from other companies.

When you write your USP break this process in three steps- analyze your competitors, try keeping yourself in consumer’s shoes and lastly brainstorm an emotional concept for your business. In this way, you will be able to find out the unique selling proposition of your company.


Don’t be confused by the work generically. ‘Generic doesn’t mean that you make use of non-descriptive and uninspired language in the messages. When you use generic strategy, the main focus is on selling a category and not the specific brand. For example- a dentist may use the category ‘teeth whitening’ in order to drive traffic.



This method identifies how product or brand is best in comparison to the other in competition. In order to make a positioning strategy, you have to identify the uniqueness of your brand in the first place and also determine what makes you better than others. We have listed 7 steps to efficiently clarify your positioning in the market.

  • Determine how your brand presently positioning itself
  • Identify who are your direct competitors
  • Learn how other competitors position their brand
  • Compare your position with your competitors and identify your uniqueness
  • Develop a discrete and value-based idea for positioning
  • Make a brand positioning statement
  • Test the efficiency of your brand positioning statement

Brand image-

If you have decided to make a psychological link with product or brand, then you can make use of this type of marketing message strategy. This approach created a personality for your product and it may not be always for selling your product.

Your brand image plays a necessary role in how your customers perceive your brand. It includes everything from logo color to imagery in the marketing material. It is important you stay consistent in the imagery so that when a consumer sees it they think of you.



Last but not the least marketing message strategy is a preemptive strategy. Here you choose to be first to make claims about your services. This claim may be true for your competitor also however you will be the first telling this to your target audience. When making use of this approach you need to make a thorough research about your competitors and their marketing approaches. Again your success will depend on searching out the right message.

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So these are 6 marketing message strategies which form the foundation of promotional campaigns. An ideal marketing message strategy does this work-

Explain the core offering to the audience in a manner which is digestible as well as memorable.

  • It resonates with the audience and creates a feeling like their concerns hold some meaning.
  • It offers a clear idea of what problems which you will be solving, what makes you different and stand out for, etc.
  • It set up a trust in your services/ product, so that customer does not hesitate to purchase and refer the product or service to others.

Keeping in mind if you build the message strategy than nobody can stop you from succeeding. You will be able to promote your product very well just with the help of the message. You can send these messages directly to them through SMS, or by mails and when the audience will see it they will know more about your product or brand.

To maintain trust and customer base you can also offer them facilities like safe payments, easy customer care services, etc. All these features of your company when you promote through messages your customer base will increase, your sells also increase and you can become a famous brand. But make sure you choose the right type of marketing message strategy. Your marketing message strategy will work as the foundation of promotional campaigns.