When Fortnite Tricks Are Not Enough


The following statement may sound a bit overly grand to an outsider, but it’s one any passionate Fortnite player who has tasted both victory and defeat would probably agree with – Fortnite is a game of inches and split seconds, no less than most games that have been recognized worldwide as sports and/or pure forms of competition. And as with any fierce competition, skills and tricks can only get you so far.

What makes this game so infinitely entertaining is the myriad of combat elements it seamlessly intertwines, which respectively means to master it, you also need to be able to seamlessly flow from one element to the next, often predominantly on instinctive reactions. And to do that, you need your machine to operate optimally, and your gaming equipment to feel like an extension of your mind and body.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a guide to the game settings and equipment that can help you break through to that upper echelon or simply make the most of the gaming experience. Finding the right configuration for you is the indispensable groundwork you need to lay before you even descend on the battlefield in order to set yourself up for consistent success.

Game Settings for PC

We’ll focus on PC since it’s ubiquitously considered the ultimate platform for playing Fortnite.

For one, it’s preferred for the superior ease and precision of shooting that a mouse will always provide over controllers’ analog sticks. Furthermore, no controller can rival the versatility of and control over keybinds that a keyboard, along with a mouse, can ensure.

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Plus, besides being most players’ platform of choice, it’s also the trickiest to optimize in terms of game settings, as performance capabilities aren’t uniform. Tweaking them feels like playing with a budget.

Before we delve into each realm of Fortnite game settings, it’s important to remember that there is no configuration that is universally accepted as the best one since no two players are the same, and usually, neither are the PCs they have at their disposal.

Auto Settings Feature

Since the multitude of options and settings can be overwhelming, a good starting point to build on is the auto settings feature. It’s quite useful as it adjusts your settings according to your processing power.

However, this is precisely what this feature usually is – a starting point, a baseline if you will, and there’s a lot more to consider beyond it if you’re looking to choreograph the optimal gaming experience, devoid of any screen tearing and lagging.


Another easy game-setting task to cross off the list is keybinds, at least on a more basic level. If shooting is your domain, then naturally, compiling keybinds that allow you to unleash your striking power at once should be a priority. If building is your prowess, then respectively, create keybinds that will make your faster in that regard.

In short, keybinds are essential in a fast-paced, reactionary game like Fortnite, and overlooking their importance is always equal to knowingly stacking the odds against yourself.

Graphic Settings

Graphic settings are a central element of PC gaming performance and experience. You want to strike the right balance between seeing enough and seeing it in real time, so to speak. With Fortnite, this isn’t too difficult as its creators, Epic Games, have done a spectacular job of creating truly captivating, yet relatively undemanding visuals.

With that being said, there are still a number of elements to consider and harmonize. The following settings suggestion relates to standard PCs and would serve as a happy medium between performance and relish.

Display Resolution is adjusted automatically according to monitor size, and there’s no point tweaking it. Frame Rate Limit: While it would obviously be best to go for unlimited, that’s often not possible. 60FPS is usually considered a good rate. 3D Resolution should match your monitor’s default resolution.

View Distance refers to the distance from which you can see enemies and building activity and it’s one of the most important, and also trickiest elements to adjust as it directly impacts your performance and combat capabilities. Clearly, the further away you can see, the better, but also the harder it will be for your PC to cope.

If you’re a natural-born sniper, then this should be of particular importance. Generally speaking, it’s good if you can have this setting at least on medium. You just need to try and see how much your PC can handle.

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Shadows have an entirely aesthetic value, and unless your PC is equipped with a graphic card that can flawlessly accommodate this visually pleasing, yet unnecessary aspect, it’s best to turn shadows off and sacrifice them for a better performance.

Anti-Aliasing assures proper rendering and smoothing of jagged edges, which makes it more of an aesthetic feature rather than a performance one. However, the line is certainly blurrier than it is with shadows, especially when it comes to shooting from afar.

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It really depends on the capabilities of your PC and your personal preference. Of course, it’d be best if you could keep it at least at medium, however, it is another feature that may not make the cut if you’re forced to make hard decisions.

Textures, as defined by Fortnite, “give flat objects a more detailed appearance.” Again, this is obviously an aesthetic element, however, it’s probably the least demanding one, and in most cases, you could have it at least on medium without hindering performance.

Effects are somewhat similar to textures, but refer to more detailed and nuanced visuals like water, for example, and as such, they are definitely more demanding. This is why effects are usually set on the lower end of the spectrum, medium or below.

Post Processing further refines visuals and makes them softer, but it’s considered more of a whim and luxury rather than a necessity, and most people turn it low.

Vsync eliminates chances of screen tearing as it renders full frames on screen. However, this can backfire as it’s quite taxing on your PC. It’s better to turn it off and channel your PC’s performance into higher frame rates.

Motion Blur is not only a strictly aesthetic effect, but one that lots of players actually find counterproductive as it creates a blur, similar to an aura, while moving. It’s best to switch it off.

Show FPS is useful for gauging the rest of the features’ impact on performance. For example, if your frame rate target is 60FPS, change the setting you’re curious about, play a match, and Show FPS will show you how much, if at all, your performance has deviated from this target.

Audio Settings

Audio is something that can go overlooked, but not by a true shooter fan.

Audio in Fortnite can be regarded as a special skill or an ally when adjusted correctly, allowing to hear enemies as they build or approach and even gauge the direction they’re coming from. In that spirit, the main audio features that can give you an edge or put you at a disadvantage are Sound FX Volume, Quality and Voice Chat.

Sound FX is vital as it refers to dead giveaways like footsteps and building noises. You should have it on at least 0.6 or above. Quality is quite self-explanatory and determines the quality of your audio, but keep in mind it’s also intertwined with performance.

Voice Chat should absolutely be on if you’re playing with others. Push to Talk should generally be off as it impedes regular communication. The rest of the audio settings are quite self-explanatory, irrelevant to competitive gaming, and strictly a matter of personal preference.

Mouse Settings

Anyone who has ever played shooters knows that mouse settings are probably the least uniform type of settings in gaming, with most players having their own sworn preferences and idiosyncrasies others find straight-up insane.

This is why we’ve strived to outline settings for the average player (preference-wise) that make for a well-rounded style of gaming.

Sensitivity X determines the mouse sensitivity for left and right cursor movement, while Sensitivity Y does the same for up and down. 0.05 to 0.10 is advisable, and keeping both values the same, of course. Targeting refers to the sensitivity for aiming down sites, and 0.5 to 0.7 is considered the optimal range.

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Scope determines the scope sensitivity, and since shooting from far away while zooming in requires more precision and less speed that regular scenarios, it’s best to have it slightly below average, in the 0.4-0.6 range. Feel free to increase it if you have confidence in your long-distance shooting abilities, however, keep in mind it can make things somewhat chaotic and unpolished.

DPI, in layman’s terms, is about how much your cursor’s movement corresponds with your mouse’s movement, and usually, the preferred rate is between 500 and 1000. Polling Rate determines how often your mouse registers movement, with 1000 hz being enough to detect even the most subtle activity.


Equipment is like your real-life weapons, the indispensable extra mile you that can make both you and the gaming experience better. Even though there are lots of gear you could buy, for now, focusing on the two pillars of playing Fortnite should suffice – mouse and chair.


The chair represents your comfort zone, literally, something like a sniper’s lair, and ending a night of gaming prematurely because of a sore back is something no gamer should face. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to choose between a comfortable chair and your wallet.

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A solid gaming mouse feels like a futuristic lethal device in your hand, a true game-changer. Beyond the tangible difference in responsiveness and accuracy, the right Fortnite mouse will let you access your keybinds faster than you can think of them.

Fortnite is a true masterpiece of a game, and part of what makes it so special is that it requires some work on your part to unlock all of its magic. But that’s the kind of work Fornite fans love, for it makes playing so much more rewarding. Enjoy discovering and trying out fortnite tricks more in your new properly equipped space!