Choosing an email marketing tool in 2020


An email marketing tool in 2020: You might not know it, but there are quite a few different aspects to consider before taking up a subscription. Hence, we are here to guide you through them. If you’re looking to simply switch your email marketing provider, check out this comprehensive comparison by Piesync. Want to know more about email marketing and how to choose the best email marketing tool for your business? Stick with us.

Businesses of all types and sizes use email marketing. A good campaign can be the difference between making extra sales each month. In fact, emails are 3x more likely to drive conversions than social media channels. So investing some of your marketing budgets into an email marketing tool is a savvy decision. There are so many benefits to email marketing that a good tool can assist you.

But here’s the all-important question: How do you choose?

The first two questions you should always ask is, what do I need and what can I afford? In some cases, you may not know what you need so you might lead with your budget. Cost and need aside here are a few other things you should consider before making that all-important investment.


If you’re unsure what features an email marketing tool can offer you, you can think about what type of business you run. Do you run an eCommerce? Find a tool that is better suited to an eCommerce. Here are some of the features you might want to consider:

In-depth analytics. Analytics track the performance of your content and in turn, give you better insights into your customers’ behaviors and interests.

A/B Testing.

Testing your campaigns before they are sent out, ensures that they will receive the highest engagement possible, so you know what content works and what is more likely to sink.


Customers want to feel special and when they do, they are more likely to make a purchase. Including their name in the subject header or content will increase your customer interaction.

Spam Testing.

Spam compliance rules are set up to protect our mailboxes. The right tool will be able to identify content that is most likely to be considered spam so your campaigns don’t end up in the junk folder.

Segment your ready-to-be-engaged audience. Your contacts not only check their emails every day, they are also opted into hearing from you due to GDPR laws. So an email from your business will not catch them off guard and with the right subject line, you can be sure to hook them in. On top of that, a good email marketing tool can help segment your contacts, so you can target specific audiences via their interests and obtain analytics so you can track the progress of your campaigns.


Time is precious, regardless of your company size and how many team members you have, there is always something else to do on the to-do list. Automation can take away the pain of small and tedious tasks when it comes to email marketing, this includes making emails personal to the receiver by adding their name at the start of the email. Further, then that automaton can help with your churn rate. If a customer looks at your products but doesn’t make a purchase, the tool will send the customer a friendly email offering them customer support.


You know what you need right now, but what about the future? As your business grows you might need a tool that can grow with you. When considering an email marketing tool, look for one that can offer scalability, not just in features but also in cost.

User Experience.

There is something to be said for a well-built interface, trouble is what might be easy to use for some might be tricky for others. Since you will spend quite a bit of time building your settings and campaigns on whichever tool you pick, it’s a good idea to choose a tool that is comfortable and offers you a good level of ease of use. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending more time working out how to use the tool before you’ve gotten to the main body of work.

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But there is also the user experience of your audience that you should consider. Does the tool you’re using offer mobile optimization? We are now on our phones more than ever which online content should automatically cater to avoid your audiences disengaging.

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Compared to other methods of marketing, email marketing is relatively cost-effective considering the possibilities for conversion. Most providers offer multiple subscription packages with different offers and costs so users can find a package that is the most suitable for their needs and budget.