eLearning: Embracing the New Normal


eLearning has become the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of students worldwide had to adapt and get good at it in a short time. Despite the fact that it had already been on the table for quite some time, it is the global crisis that made people focus on eLearning and face all its advantages and disadvantages. Through the trial and error method, educators managed to see how effective eLearning can be and what challenges it throws at the students who choose to pursue it.


Although eLearning is indeed a very progressive thing that grants new possibilities to most students, it comes with its own bucket of difficulties. However, it is no rocket science. With the right attitude and enough motivation, you can embrace online education and reach your academic goals. Based on numerous psychology researches and first-hand accounts from successful online learners, here is what you need to do to come out a winner in this “the new normal” game.

Find the Right Place for Studying

One of the biggest challenges of distance education is that it requires much more self-discipline than traditional learning. The first thing to focus on is your studying place. Researchers suggest that it is crucial to find the right study spot in your house. It shouldn’t be a couch (a slouchy position on the sofa or, God forbid, on the carpet will not work), nor a place with PlayStation around. It is best to arrange an area with a table and a comfortable chair. The study spot should resemble your regular studying place at college and give the same studying vibe.

Additionally, try to remove all the things that might distract you at home. Disable your social media notifications. Do your best to focus on the studying process. Setting up a productive learning environment will make it easier for you to succeed in online learning and enjoy the process.

Take Control of Your Own Motivation

Traditional education is heavily reliant on the discipline attached to classes. Being side by side with your groupmates, experiencing that competition, and having a mentor to guide you is what often gives you a massive push in education. However, doing a study from home means that you are on your own. It’s you who has to take full control and responsibility for your success at learning. Distance learning specialists have long-established why students lack motivation. They feel emotional and physical isolation from the rest of their group and their professors. This feeling of being isolated makes them less efficient. Try to be mindful of your emotions and identify each time you feel your motivation going down to tackle the problem. Come up with a list of things that get you motivated and use it every time you need a push.

Stay Connected and Do Networking

To avoid the feeling of isolation and distance discussed above, make sure you always stay connected with the rest of your group and your educators. You need to substitute regular communication you would get when attending college classes. You can initiate conversations and start chat groups to bond with your peers. Additionally, don’t forget to do networking and get to know new people. Being active in your social circle will make it easy for you to keep up with the rest of the students, learn about their success, and get some motivation to reach new goals in your own learning. The more active you are, the less you will feel the isolation and the lack of communication it can cause.

Make a Schedule and Set Deadlines

As mentioned above, self-discipline is the deciding factor of your success at online learning. To secure that success, you need to pull yourself together and create a clear schedule, defining your class hours and self-study hours. The better you stick to your schedule, the more efficient and productive your online learning will be. This type of self-discipline will also help you meet your paper deadlines and prioritize certain assignments when you have too many of those on the table. Still, if your schedule gets crazy, and you feel like you can’t keep up with everything, don’t despair. You can still have some time to yourself. To manage the workload, reach out to a professional academic writer from a do my paper service and get all your tasks under control.

Stay Positive and Enjoy the Experience

eLearning is challenging. To be good at it, you need to remember to take good care of your mental well-being and stay positive. Ensure that you get enough sleep, fresh air, and take a break from your daily routine once in a while. Additionally, focus on developing problem-solving skills and looking at opportunities rather than challenges. Online learning is new and difficult. But it doesn’t mean you should give up on your academic success and let things out of your control negatively impact the quality of your future. Keeping an open mind, asking questions, and looking at the bright side of things will help you see online learning as a new and exciting experience. An experience that will open up new horizons rather than be a reason for you to stop working on your academic success and get depressed over how negative the world around has become.

Ask for Help

Most people are uncomfortable when they need to ask for help. They often feel vulnerable. But, it is crucial that you always ask questions and request help from your teachers or classmates. The thing about distance learning is that it resembles self-learning, where each student is left to their own devices. It means that if you don’t ask questions or ask for help when you don’t understand something, you might continue having trouble understanding learning materials and eventually fail the whole course. Interacting like this is a good thing. It gives you yet another opportunity to bond with your groupmates and professors. You can see when other students have the same struggles you do. It will help you feel at peace with the fact that online learning is not as easy as it might have seemed at first.


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