Popup Banners Be a Part of Your eLearning Business


Let’s talk about,

Popup Banner Ads

Yes, we know the reputation. Yes, we know how annoying they can be. Yes, we know how infamous they are. But, hold on! A number of studies say that when implemented smartly, popup banners can show exceptional results.

And for that reason, we realized the need for talking about what makes them useful.

So, here are four reasons why popup banners are actually good and should be a part of your marketing arsenal.

1. Helps You Transfer Traffic To Your Target Pages

This will be best understood with an example.

Say that you have a web page that’s rich with traffic. It’s surely a good thing. But, what if it’s not your target page?

Your site will keep getting traffic. However, your target page may just stay dry.

This is where a popup banner can help.

If the web page that’s rich with traffic is a useful blog post, visitors will surely be finding it helpful. This behavior can be used by you for transferring these happy visitors via your target pages (basically, a step down the conversion funnel) where they may sign up for your offer.

Sounds good, right?

2. Works Greatly for Building an Email List

“Marketing techniques may come, and marketing techniques may go, but email will last forever.”

Well, the world has seen so many marketing methods, and email still continues to be a marketing priority for eLearning businesses. And why not? After all, email marketing reaps an average of $32 in profit for every dollar spent. That is BIG!

Certainly, businesses have a good reason for continuing their efforts with email campaigns.

And a smart popup banner campaign can add significantly to the results.


Well, we’ve all come across websites with email sign-up popup forms, right? While some of us may doubt their performance, businesses have acquired tons of email addresses without spending heavily on the campaigns.

All thanks to their smartly designed popup banner campaigns.

3. Great For Boosting Sales

Another benefit that you can use a popup banner campaign for is boosting sales.

And that’s what matters the most, right? Obviously, whether you are an LMS vendor or an authoring tool publisher, the primary reason behind running a popup banner campaign will be to boost the sales of your product.

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By amalgamating the popup banners’ marketing technique with actionable content and banner designs, you can help yourself achieve this goal.

4. Reduce Cart Abandonment and Bounce Rates

Nobody likes it when their website’s bounce rate goes high. Nobody likes it when a prospect adds a product to the cart and forgets to buy it until the cart is finally abandoned.

So, what can be done?

Well, popup banners can save the day for you.

Basically, if you target your popup banners towards the users that are re-visiting your website after adding something to their cart, they’ll not forget about what they were just about to buy. And hence, cart abandonment rates will go down.

Similarly, to keep visitors from leaving your website, you can create popup banners giving them reasons to stay so that they can change their minds even at the last moment.

Final words

No matter how infamous popup banners are, when effective marketing is concerned, they can work wonders for your eLearning business.

Referring to the same, in this post we wrote about four reasons why popup banners must be a part of your eLearning business’ marketing strategy.

Also, if you want to launch a successful popup banners campaign, make sure you go through a good guide or a bunch of useful eLearning Popup Banner marketing tips to start with.

We hope this was helpful.