Do You Need to be a Coder to Develop an App?


Mobile devices are the most used portable devices in the world today. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. This has led to a better percentage of business transactions being initiated from mobile devices. Businesses are now trying to develop a mobile app to reap the benefits that come with having them.

In return, this has led to an increased demand for mobile applications. However, not all businesses have the financial muscles to develop mobile apps. When businesses want to build a mobile app, there are several things they look at, among them the cost. Since not all of them can afford to hire a developer, businesses have looked at other ways through which they can develop mobile apps themselves without having to spend a lot of money.

the definition of an API

Mobile App Builders

Then came mobile app builders to bridge the gap for businesses and even individuals without the money to hire app developers. A few years ago, businesses did not embrace the use of mobile app builders. This is because they built very simple and static apps that lacked any features.

However, this has so far changed. Mobile app builders used today make it possible for one to implement APIs through which they can retrieve data from other applications without writing any code. For example, a business owner that wants an app with mapping functionality can simply implement the Google Maps API that gets the work done with no issues. To learn more about APIs, you can visit this site where the definition of an API is well explained.

Here are some of the best mobile app builders that will get the work done to develop an app you even if you do not have any coding experience;


Thunkable is a modern mobile app builder that comes with an easy to use block-based interface. The interface is easy for anyone to use and helps them learn a few tricks while building their apps.

With Thunkable’s smooth design and visual builder, anyone can build a mobile app within a very short time. Its block selection shows one how their app interacts with other objects, making it easy for them to see how the app will work when completed.

Finally, Thunkable is affordable. It offers a free plan to start with. Those that want the premium plan will part with $ 21 per month. The premium plan offers app builders more personalized options and more storage.


BuildFire is one of the most powerful mobile app builders today. It comes with a plugin system through which mobile apps are built. When starting a mobile app, BuildFire will take you through its plugin system where you choose the tools and functionality that you need for the app. For instance, you will get tools such as PayPal, Square among others when building an eCommerce application.

Since this app builder is available for anyone, it comes with a flexible and easy to use interface. It allows one to start with building their homepage and then add more content and pages as they go on. Those that do not want to build their apps from scratch can choose from a number of templates that BuildFire offers. With this app builder, you can build a mobile app with functionality that looks just like that of any other app developed for a mobile app developer.


Andromo builds mobile applications for the Android OS. This app builder is best suited for android applications that can monetize. It comes with an easy to use interface that requires little to no time to get used to.

Andromo allows app builders to create integrations with social elements easily. Once the app builder knows the kind of mobile app they want, it suggests the best tools to use to make the app successful. You can even publish your Andromo mobile app on Google Play easily.

If you are a business owner, you do not need to have any prior coding experience to develop an app for your business. You can use one of the app builders above and you will get a mobile app that meets your requirements.


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