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Freelance writing has become the fastest-growing sector in recent years. The rise of digital marketing and the internet has made it necessary for every brand and business to produce exciting and informative content for the web. Regularly updating company blogs, with perfect SEO, and updating social media sites are necessary for the survival of any business. If you are not doing it now, you will hate yourself later. People spend the majority of their time on mobiles and laptops.

An American study found that people spend 91% of their time with their cell phones. The Web is the best place to target audiences with marketing efforts. People are constantly consuming web content. To fulfill content needs, there has been a steady rise in content writing companies and content writing service providers.

What is Contentmart?

Contentmart is a freelancing website that has risen to prominence in recent years. It is a platform that can help you hire a professional writer for all your content needs. Contentmart is a unique platform that promises the finest and high-quality freelance content writers to cater to all your content needs. You can get website content, editing and proofreading, academic articles, SEO articles, product descriptions, and blog articles from Contentmart.

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Since its launch, Contentmart has been reinventing itself constantly. Unlike traditional content writing service providers and companies, Contentmart provides a significant number of freelance content writers to choose for your project. The portal has opened the doors for Indian freelance content writers who want to work from home. It has helped women achieve financial freedom. A significant amount of Contentmart writers are women in their 20s and 30s.

They are usually housewives and single women. One of the best things about this site is that a new writer can quickly establish himself or herself on this platform. The number of registered freelance content writers is on the rise on this platform. It gives, even more, options to clients when hiring a content writer.

Contentmart For Clients

How does the portal work?

The content buyers are required to register themselves and provide their contact details. They need to fill their Contentmart wallet next to begin their journey of acquiring content. It is advisable to have a full filled account to appear more authentic. Freelance content writers rate and review clients. High rated clients find it easier to hire a professional writer for work.

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How to put up an order:

To get started on this medium you are required to put up an order, set deadlines, and enter your article requirements. There are a few questions that you should answer before putting up your order.

  • What quality of articles do you need? Do you want a low-quality article or a high-quality article?
  • What are your specific word requirements? In Contentmart writers are paid according to the number of words they write.
  • Do you need to optimize your content for specific keywords? It is a crucial step to get higher Google rankings and promote your content. Contentmart has many SEO experts within their diverse freelance content writers. It is easy to hire a content writer who specializes in SEO on Contentmart than other platforms.
  • You also pay according to the quality of the content. Two stared content is the cheapest, and five stared content cost more.

Once you find the right freelance content writer to tackle your project you can chat with the bidder about your writing requirements. You can review the work after it is done. If the content is not up to your expectation, you can cancel the order. This way you won’t lose your money.

Contentmart For Writers

Contentmart is a content marketing website and freelance content writers are free to register on this digital portal. Quality content is a major factor in the success of the business. One of their major drawbacks for freelance content writers is not getting paid enough or being cheated by their clients. Contentmart makes sure that every freelance content writer gets paid. A writer does not need to offer any money to work on this platform. Hard work is paid on this platform. A new writer can quickly establish himself or herself.

Thousands of clients flock to Contentmart to hire a professional content writer. There is no scarcity of work on Contentmart. You just need to put up good articles and work hard to survive on this platform.

How to Bid:

Bidding on an order is incredibly easy. Register yourself on Contentmart. Fill your Pan and Tax details. Pass the basic Contentmart language test. Once you are done with the completion of your Contentmart profile; go to All Orders section and check out the orders posted by clients. If you think you can take up a particular project, go for it and bid on it. Click on the blue box called Bid and put up the amount you are willing for along with a message to convince the client. If the customer gets interested, he will contact you or award you the project.

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Contentmart Affiliate Program

Contentmart has an affiliate program which can help users to earn a few more bucks by inviting someone. You can earn a 10% commission on each of their orders for a year.

Why Contentmart?

  • Contentmart has thousands of skilled writers. You can buy quality content in various European languages and regional Indian languages. No matter what your requirements Contentmart has the right freelance content writer for you.
  • Contentmart is an excellent replacement for Fiverr writing gigs. According to reviews, it provides more customer satisfaction than Fiverr. Contentmart cross-checks every article submitted by Copyscape. You are guaranteed unique articles and not duplicates.
  • Very strict privacy laws govern Contentmart. Under no circumstances, your contact and bank details would be shared with other people or malware sites. Money transactions are safe and protected by the Contentmart administration.

It is the perfect platform where you can find skilled freelance content writers at a reasonable price. They have writers to target every type of audience. Everyone should work with this digital portal once in their life.


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