Best 4 Chrome Ad Blockers That Still Work


Browsing has become an ordinary activity that a human tends to perform several times throughout the day. Every piece of information that one needs is available online, and there are several browsers and search engines to do the task. However, Google Chrome stands out among all the browsers that are currently working in this space. We are not inherently unaware of the fact that browsers and websites generally generate revenue from featuring advertisements. They cannot survive without a business model based on incomes by featuring ads.

With the objective of removing these ad commercials and videos, ad blockers, were introduced. Ad blockers in Google Chrome keep the nagging advertisements away while someone browses your content.

Several Ad blockers allow you to restrict and customize the kind of ads that can be shown. If you wish to resume working on your website and viewing content without disturbance, you can install the below-listed Chrome ad blockers to do the task for you.


Web browsers generally show a lot of content on one page itself. However, you must know how to customize it to view only content that is useful to you. Ghostery is a little different from others as a chrome ad blockers, but it efficiently serves the purpose of blocking irritating ads. It breeds only that information which is required by the user after customization.

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This Chrome ad blocker provides the feature of blocking specific ads and trackers as well. Customization takes time and so does this as a blocker, you have to spend enough time to operate it the way you want it to be. You can remove the components of a specific type of ad that you don’t wish to see in the future.

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus stands as one of the best AdBlock for chrome, and it has undoubtedly taken the web by storm. It has a distinct feature of offering a comprehensive service that blocks ads of every website that has Google Chrome extension installed. The interface of this ad blocker is a visual delight; you can customize to remove ads with filter list.

You can put all the ads that you don’t wish to see into the blacklist and white list the advertisements that can be allowed at your preferred websites. It eliminates banner ads, social media ads, and all kinds of popups, which are a significant distraction from work.

uBlock origin

uBlock Origin is an AdBlock in chrome available for free which fulfills the purpose just as others paid as blockers. It consists of all the necessary features that are required to customize and remove ads. It prevents taxing the system while proceeding to block ads. uBlock has its filters that are created in a customized manner, which makes it more efficient.

Irksome pop-ups, which are present on every website, become unbearably irritating. uBlock Chrome ad blocker comes with in-built popup blockers as well, which prevents any pop up from entering the site you have browsed. You can also keep a regular statistical data of the blocker to check its effectiveness.


Social network websites, webpages, and other video streaming websites are filled with ads and popups that are impossible to ignore. Adguard, as the name suggests, guards the sites against any ads, whether pop-ups or pop-under ads. Installing this ad blocker helps to block the needless clutter and constant trash ads that refuse to disappear.

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Clearing the clutter and cutting the pop-ups also enables the system to give a better web browsing experience to its user. It has the best positive reviews from its users after installation. It also blocks adware and malware from your system, if there is any. You can viably purchase the premium version in order to have a better experience.

It is vital to take control of what you browse and what you get. Most websites run of the advertising model, which is why we see ads on every website. Using a Chrome ad blocker is the only technique through which you can escape this mechanism for good. These not only save the bandwidth of your system but also protect your system from malicious apps and extensions. These ad blockers can be used on your computer as well as on your mobile phone while surfing online.

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