Bose Announces Four New Wireless Headphones

Bose has taken the big leap and announced four new models of its wireless headphones a.k.a music streaming gadgets. The company is already doing a lot to maintain its reputation by collaborating with others, launching its own app and now this, and it is quite clear that Bose doesnt want to have any shortcomings.

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As for the new devices the headliner is named QuietComfort 35 and is ranged around $350, there are two wireless headphones namely the SoundSport and SoundSport Pulse which cost $149.5 and 199.5 respectively. Bose has also launched a wireless over the shoulder earphone named the QuietControl 30, and it costs $299.5.

What is so good about these headphones?

What is exceptionally good about these new gadgets is that they are lighter than there previously wired model and they come with a noise-cancelling technology as well. The QuietComfort 35 is lighter than what it looks and has effective noise cancellation enabled thanks to Boses active and passive tech for sound proofing.

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Moreover, these particular wireless headphones also come with a removable wire i.e. if the headphone is out of battery you can plug the cable in and enjoy your music.

The QuietControl 30 is the most exciting of the four as its got controllable noise-cancellation yes thats a thing actually. This particular feature allows you to choose the amount of noise that will pass through your earbuds. It can be very useful during those walks in busy streets or your workplace. You can edit this function from the earphone as well as Boses app itself.

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