15 Best BlueStacks alternative Emulators In 2020


From quite some time our technology speculators and editors are searching, evaluating and recommending the best services or products. In this article, we will talk about the top 15 Bluestack alternatives of 2020 for both Windows and Mac. As we all know, Bluestack has been one of the greatest assets when you want to run Android games or apps on your PC. It is an excellent emulator with a great reputation and many unusual features for a good number of years. You might be surprised to know that it is not the only emulator in the market. Several other emulators are also available with an excellent market reputation that you will enjoy. Here we bring you top fifteen

BlueStacks alternative emulators of 2020 for you. So, let’s jump to the list.

1.    GenyMotion (Download here for windows)

OpenGL and hardware acceleration, both are supported by GenyMotion similar to Bluestack, which is a smart way of saying that you are empowered to use the extra power of your GPU or Graphics card on a computer. In other words, the apps and games on your computer will work much better or efficiently. To corresponds to a specific mobile device or Android version it allows you to customize its environment. This is an exciting feature especially when you need a particular setting to run any particular app or game. You will find GenyMotion for free of cost as a desktop application.

2.    Andy (Download here) for windows and mac

It is another lightweight yet excellent Android emulator for a personal computer, designed specifically for games. It has many impressive attributes, such as mic integrating, camera, mobile app sync, cloud saves, etc. as well as it supports PlayStation and Xbox. For connecting your mobile device, you can use its touchscreen controller feature. This attribute is free, however, accessible only on the Windows 7 and eight official websites. The reason for this is that Andy is mainly developed to use in Windows 7.1. Moreover, it is unclear whether it is compatible with Windows 10 or not.

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3.    Droid4X   (Download here for windows)

Are you using Windows 10? Well, in that case, Droid4X can be your savior as this is the emulator you require for Android. The touchscreen and mouse controls are easy going. The keyboard can be used, or multiple gamepads can be connected. On the emulator screen, you have the option of recording everything, which can be quite a useful feature if you want to create Android-based tutorials. It is free of cost with little or no interruptions or announcements.

4.    Nox  (Download here) for Windows and Mac

Significant Nox or Nox is a fantastic Android emulator including a wide array of functionalities, and you will find many of these features in the emulator menu. It supports multi-window support, game pads, keyboard mapping and much more. When you start using the Nox, first and foremost you will see the user interface. To access the most convenient functions, you will see taskbar on windows right side. You can always hide it when you want full-screen function. You can also enjoy the macro-functions like, screen clicks or touchscreen that allows you to give the command in the background. Nox receives regular updates and is free to download.

5.    MeMu  (Download here for windows)

If you already downloaded the Nox, then you will find MeMu interface similar to that only. However, if we make a quick comparison then in terms of performance and energy demands, it is much faster and lighter to use. Features consist of gamepad support and compatibility, as well as multiple instance provision for Intel and AMD chipsets.

6.    KO-Player (Download here for windows)

It is another power-packed emulator for Android in the list which we placed on 6th position. Improved performance, OpeGL and hardware acceleration support are some qualities which makes it an ideal emulator, moreover it is built on up-to-date x86 architecture. With a multiple-account sign in you can run this emulator, which allows you to enjoy the same game with two distinct accounts, run multiple windows as well as with various environments. Built-in Google plays access, gamepad support and video recording are some add-on features.

7.    AmigaOS (Download here for windows)

AMIDuOS is a new Windows Android emulator in the market that enables you to open your desktop mobile apps and games quickly. It is facilitated with peripheral controls such as a microphone, speakers, cameras, OpenGL and acceleration of hardware. Free and premiered, the AMIDuOS is available to everyone for free of cost.

8.    YouWave (Download here for windows)

This is another new addition in the list of Android emulator; however, it provides Android Lollipop support similar to other emulators. Unfortunately, to access the Android 5.1 version, you need to buy its premium version. On the other hand, if you are using the free version of YouWave, then you will be restricted to Android 4.0 ICS. In the free version, you can easily use Android games and app along with other functionalities including, dynamic screen rotating and multi-instance support.

9.    Windroy (Download here for windows)

For Windows, Android Windroy is a famous emulator, which offers all the functionality that you will get in Bluestack and You Wave combined. There are few quirks associated with it; else it functions great. For beginners, games and apps are not filled for audio when running on a high number of uses.

10.    Remix OS (Download here for windows)

As compared to other 9 14 emulators listed here, you will find Remix OS different from all of them as it is incredibly capable. It offers you the tailored experience of a desktop when you boot into single OS running Android. It is developed by Jide Technology which runs by former Google employee, which makes them kind of master in the field. You can also use the hard disk or portable USB device to install the Remix OS and efficiently boot from it over most computers. Due to ended support from Jive, it is stuck to the old version – Android Marshmallow.

11.    Bliss OS (Download here)

As compared to other emulators in the list Bliss OS is different. It is itself an Android, which asks you to have it as a download as a separate OS on your Windows computer. You can create a bootable USB recovery or Virtual box and install this emulator ROM in the external storage. If you are seeking the precise Android experience on your personal computer, then you should install Android x86 based Bliss OS. Furthermore, it does not include any clutter or ads of Android emulators as well as open-source.

12.    ArCHon (Download here for windows)

If you are looking for a quick yet straightforward fix to run Android apps or games on Chrome operating system, then ArCHon is the Android emulator you should give a thought to it. It started when Google provided the support to two or three Android apps in the web browser of Chrome. Then GitHub developers took it to a little longer way and released this emulator to run all Android-based apps successfully on Chrome.

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If you are looking for hardcore play then ArCHon is not the emulator to download, it is much useful in using only productivity apps.

13.    Virtual Box (Download here)

As compared to other best Android emulators in the list, Virtual Box is little unique. It is not just different, also the hardest available emulator. It does not come only like an emulator but tool to facilitate the development of your own. Here you will many guides, tools, and commands to create the emulators for various uses on your own.

14.    Dolphin Emulator (Download here) for Mac and Windows

If you want to run the Nintendo, Wii, and GameCube, then Dolphin Emulator is an ideal option for you. It offers high-quality definition experience. The significant part about this emulator is that it is open-source. Therefore, anyone can edit it if any improvisation is required. Here, you will get not only the quality graphics, but also most stable and fastest emulator. As compared to Bluestack, Dolphin provides an excellent Wii Console. Moreover, it supports Wiimote.

15.    Tencent Gaming Buddy (Download here for Windows)

It is another great emulator for Android which is developed and designed by Tencent, which is specially created for games. You will find its performance and compatibility commendable. For instance, multi-player, as well as highly popular game PUBG, is typically played on PC to avoid any imbalances. However, when you have Tencent gaming Buddy emulator, you can enjoy the mobile PUBG game.

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Final Words

So, folks, this is our list of top 15 emulators for Android of 2020. We suggest downloading the free or trial version of these programs and test them before buying the premium version of any of these emulators. Once, you download and run these emulators then you will be able to judge better which emulator is working fine on Mac or Windows or both as per your requirement. All the emulators in the list are vetted by our team of experts and considered the best alternative of Bluestack in every regard.

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