Best VPN for Kodi: Choose Your Player


By encrypting the data transmitted via the channel, VPN allows users to perform even some risky transactions such as online payments (for goods and services) on public Wi-Fi networks (in cafes, hotels, and airports). Virtual Private Network ensures the security of communication and guarantees that no one can track your traffic and steal passwords or credit card numbers.

Almost all Internet users heard about Virtual Private Networks, which provides additional possibilities for Internet surfing. Using VPN gives many benefits:

  • It guarantees your privacy by hiding your real IP address;
  • VPN provides you with secure access to both public and private Wi-Fi connections;
  • It allows you to access blocked because of geolocation;
  • VPN also protects sensitive data stored on your device and transmitted by you.

With the help of a VPN, you can mask your actual location. It means that while living in Miami, you can attract outbound traffic from Great Britain. All you have to do is connect to the appropriate server.

Get a VPN

VPN not only hides your online activities from hackers, but you are also securely protected from possible surveillance by an Internet service provider. If your ISP decides to track the content you’re viewing for some reason, the VPN will prevent disclosure because it passes all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel not available for decryption by the provider. Overall, if you don’t want your Internet provider to know the series you watch on Kodi, choose the best VPN for Kodi free and enjoy the content you need.

Top 4 Best VPN for Kodi Free

Hotspot Shield

This service works with NAT-providers; also, it supports cross-platform, which means the software works with the most popular operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, OS X). The installation and setup are quite simple. The user-friendly menu of the program allows you to select the country you need. Press the button “connect” and enjoy the experience with Hotspot Shield. There are no limits on the speed and number of network traffic, but after the trial version is expired, you will be obliged to pay for further use.

Tunnel Bear

This VPN service also allows you to connect through NAT. Besides, among other things, it has an incredible degree of protection, which is guaranteed by reliable encryption algorithms (AES-256). Support for many operating systems is also a significant benefit for the TunnelBear free version. The software interface is intuitive, and technical support is ready to help at any time of the day. The user is offered up to 1 GB of network traffic monthly, but, frankly, it’s not enough. If you buy a subscription, you can use a VPN without restrictions and annoying ads.


This VPN allows secure connection via NAT. Its protection is the best among free VPN services because it uses OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption. The speed and quantity of Internet traffic are not limited, but the free version of VPN works for about 3-4 hours. After this, re-connection is required, which is a considerable drawback, because, at this moment, your data is not encrypted. The interface is straightforward and clearly shows the IP address change. The paid version provides a more reliable connection (no need to restart every 3 hours) and more servers (37 vs. 300). For other details, you can check this specific CyberGhost review provided by a tech expert.

Hola VPN

Hola VPN is an ambiguous VPN service that still deserves attention. It does not allow connection via NAT. You can be sure that no one from the outside will steal your data, but here is the problem: this VPN store logs. Because of this, recently, Hola was involved in a scandal. The provider was accused of selling data to third parties. If you have nothing to lose, you can use this service. It provides unlimited traffic, but upon reaching 1 GB of viewed information, speed cuts. Also, this VPN is compatible with many platforms except iOS and OS X.