Best Torrenting Sites in 2017


If you are an internet user, you have heard about Torrent. Torrent sites are the best option to download large files. In fact, the torrents help you download the files with no centralized servers. Which are the popular torrenting sites in 2017? That is precisely what we will look for in this post.

However, it should be noted that the torrent scene has experienced a huge change over the last couple of years. Keeping that in view, let us go through the best torrenting sites in 2017.

Best Torrenting Sites You Can Use

Torrenting is the best option to if you are downloading while saving money and watch your favorite shows and movies. However, the torrenting scene has undergone a huge change over the past year.

A couple of prominent Torrenting sites have shut down. Worth mentioning among such sites is KickassTorrents and Safe torrenting sites are quite tougher to find and we are here to help you.

1. The Pirate Bay

We are sure that The Pirate Bay does appear in all the lists that list out the top torrenting sites in 2017. It has indeed been treated to be the not for anything.

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It has worked through several shutdowns in the past and has been working since long. The site has a popular torrent index globally. Some of the features that would make it what it is are a good deal of torrents available on it, a simple to use interface and least number of advertisements.

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The Pirate Bay has been on the list of top torrenting sites because of the huge number of torrent content that it enjoys. In fact, after the shut down of Kickass torrents, Pirate Bay has regained its top slot yet again. The service has recently revived itself and is working on a .org domain.

2. RarBG

If you are interested in P2P torrenting, this is what specializes in it. RarBG does not have a huge number of torrents but has been on the list of top 5 torrent sites just because of the quality of torrents that it offers.

In fact, the service began its journey with torrent tracking. However, later on, it shifted its attention to torrent files and rose to be among the top torrenting sites in 2017. The service boasts of over 300,000 users per day. The easy to use interface should be quite helpful for the newbies.

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The service is based out of Bulgaria. However, it has been banned by several nations like Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, and India. Even then, you can use a good VPN service to get past the restrictions. One of the best torrenting sites caters mostly to movie torrents.

3. 1337X

1337X does not enjoy the same level of user experience and content as the other services included in this listing, but still, it has been popular enough. An Alexa rank just above 500 indicates the popularity it enjoys among the torrent fans.

In the business since 2007, 1337X could not taste much success until 2017 when KickAss Torrents and Extra torrents are shut down. The interface is graphically rich enough. It offers you a wider range of games, movies and TV shows. Buoyed by the recent growth in traffic, the service has updated its Ui and shifted to a new design.

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1337X updates its library almost on a daily basis. You may be finding copyrighted content on it, but child pornography is a strict no-no. It does not have a large database as with The Pirate Bay but still has remained a hot favorite of frequent visitors.

4. YTS

This is yet another torrenting site that made its humble beginnings through torrent tracking services. The functionality is a little different than that found with the Pirate Bay or RarBG.

The torrenting service pays more attention to movies. The interface is the best feature that makes it one of our favorites. The movies available on the service come with high-definition quality in 720p and 1080p. YTS also offers you movies in 3D.

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YTS has a feature that appears quite thoughtful enough. You can choose the video quality while downloading the movie. This would indeed be a useful feature, especially for the torrent lovers who have slow internet connectivity or lower bandwidth. There are not many advertisements and even if there are, they are not intrusive.

5. Limetorrents

Limetorrents has regained its top spot once again among the top picks for the torrenting sites in 2017. The service has torrents ranging across different genres of content.

You would not want to miss this torrent site for the sheer volume of content that it has on offer. The service constitutes a large number of legitimate files and that is precisely what you would love. Even the size of the database is enviable enough.

The content is updated on a daily basis. Limetorrents have auto-generated lists. The service offers you movies, music, TV shows, games, and adult content, though we are not sure about the last one. In any case, it can be one of the best torrenting sites in 2017.

The Final Words

Torrenting is what lets you enjoy a lot of content with ease. In any case, it should be noted that torrenting remains to be illegal. There are several governments agencies that try to detect and penalize the people who violate the copyright regulations. We would advise you to use a good VPN service to avoid being penalized for using a torrent.

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The torrenting scene has changed considerably in 2017. With shutting down of a couple of torrenting sites, it has been essential to keeping your torrenting activities to a minimum.

Though it may not have any adverse effect on your devices, yet the increased alertness on the part of the law enforcement agencies, it would be important to stay safe rather than being sorry. Do opt for a good VPN service before using any torrenting service.

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What are your views about the best torrenting sites mentioned here? Do share your views with us. Your feedback is always important to us. If you have a favorite torrenting site that has not been featured here, you can share your experiences with them as well.