Best Smartphone 2015 which you can Buy Right Now


If you are looking for Best Smartphone 2015 then you can try out the list given below. We have a collection of top-notch Smartphone for which you don’t have to wait as they are already available in the market.


LG G4 is the flagship smartphone launched by LG. It’s an awesome phone with the superb built quality and a great battery. The phone is powered with a 3000mAh battery and it supports quick charging as well. It is well equipped with an 8MP camera at the front and 16MP at the back. This display quality of this phone is also top-notch as it has a 2K quad HD display. This phone is made for performance and hence it is powered with a Snapdragon 810 processor.


This HTC phone has a 5-inch display that will give high-quality images. Battery is powered with quick charging and has 2840mAh in it.  You will get a 4Mp camera at the front and 20.7MP at the back. As we know HTC phones are incomplete without HTC sense and so it has sense 7 along with Android. The phone offers a dual-tone finish with a metallic body.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

As we all know, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the best phones available. They will cost you from $649 for iPhone and $749 for iPhone 6s Plus. Both phones vary in their display sizes. iPhone 6s have a 4.7-inch display and iPhone 6s Plus has a 5.5-inch display. Battery sizes of both the phones are same to 1810 mAh and have quick charging. Camera configuration is also the same for both that is 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera. iOS 9 is the operating system.

LG Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X is yet another awesome phone. This phone is featuring Android 6.0 as the operating system and it is released in October 2015. Though this phone has two variants one is 16GB and another one is 32GB. You can’t expand the storage as it doesn’t have a card slot. An HD display with 5.2-inch screen size and it has a huge resolution of 1080X1920px. The company used the snapdragon 808 processor with 2 GB of RAM. This phone has a 2700mAh battery with quick charging. All in all, it’s an awesome phone.

Huawei Nexus 6P

Huawei recently launched its flagship nexus series smartphone. A well-designed smartphone with 7.3mm thickness is the key feature of this phone. This phone is also powered with Android 6.0. You will find three variants of this phone 32GB, 64Gb and 128GB this phone also doesn’t have any card slot. The phone is powered with 3GB RAM and a super-powered Snapdragon 810 processor. It has a rear camera which is 12MP and 2160p. A huge battery back is provided with this phone of 3450mAh.

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So these are the best smartphone 2015 that will also compete with the upcoming phones.


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