6 Best Shopify Apps May Actually Be Right


Shopify is a neat platform for online businesses to reach out to a large market of consumers. But, did you know that there are must have Shopify apps that can help you operate your business?

These are tools that automate and simply different parts of the operation such as warehousing, shipping, email marketing, and many more. Adding these tools to your arsenal can boost productivity and increase sales over time.

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Without further ado, here are the top 6 Shopify apps you need for your online business.


Have you ever had trouble handling your expanding business? Omnisend can ease your daily activities through marketing automation. Even better is that it’s not just simple automation but instead is omnichannel automation.

omnisend app

With this app, you don’t need to be an expert in email marketing to get started in expanding your business. Also, since Omnisend is capable of automating omnichannel marketing, you gain access to automated campaigns not just for emails but also for social media, websites, and other channels you’re using.  That’s a lot of work automated by just one app!


Have you ever felt like your business is stagnating in its growth? Has expanding the business to new markets been tough to handle? Sumo is another heavyweight app that features its prime feature called Sumo Shortcuts.

sumo app

Sumo helps provide insights for conversion opportunities for your business. With the help of the app, you’ll be able to plan better and create more effective business strategies to improve overall sales and conversions.


Did you ever dream of a business that runs the boring tasks by itself? We’re one step closer to that dream with the help of Printful. Designs for clothing and accessories can become print-on-demand without needing an inventory for merchandise. Each transaction also becomes automated in the process as the app handles customer purchases on its own.

printful app

With this app, you won’t need to spend on logistics such as expensive warehouses. The app prints the preloaded designs into shirts and handles the shipping afterward. Producing the merchandise just requires you to upload designs and the rest is handled by the app.


Are you having trouble utilizing referrals to increase your business’ popularity? ReferralCandy is a sweet solution to make referrals easy to use and accessible for every business owner. What’s more, is that the app is integrated into Shopify which makes it even easier to use.

referral candy

With this app, you can customize how you’re going to do referral campaigns as well as the rewards that customers get for referring their friends to your business. ReferralCandy also offers templates for faster publishing of landing pages and emails. It now takes only a few clicks to get your referral campaign started on Shopify. Sweet!

SEO Manager

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be taxing even if you already have the know-how on how to use it for your business. SEO Manager helps both new and experienced in SEO to handle their page ranking. In this day and age where everyone is using SEO, it pays to know the basics and how it can be applied to your business.

seo manager

With this app, you’ll have access to 20 features that will help you manage SEO in a simple and easy-to-do manner. SEO Manager includes keyword suggestions, meta tags, and many more. You’ll be spending less time with SEO and more time converting the added web traffic into actual sales.


Who doesn’t love games and rewards? Gleam is the app that offers integration of contests and games into Shopify. The app helps build your email list and increase conversion rates through creative and interactive solutions that you yourself will design.


With this app, engagements with loyal customers on Shopify become a lot easier and less time-consuming. For a little time and effort spent, you can gain a gleaming advantage over your strong competitors.