Top 10 Free Best Project Management Software for Windows


Best Project Management Software:- Hello dears, today the topic we are going to talk about is a kind of most relevant for professionals. And if you manage a team in your workplace handling all the hectic and cumbersome tasks of being the leading member of a team, then you would definitely need to have a look at these. Here we have listed Free Project Management Software For Windows.

Whenever you think about a project Management software, you wonder about the cost and factors that may further land you in a state of worry. So, even before you notice that there are some useful Free Project Management Applications that you can get help put together a team. It is most important to be connected to your fellow team members after all. The proper communication and brainstorming sessions must be constantly inflow to have the best of the results. Read AlsoBest Screen Recording Softwares

Best Project Management Software For Windows

To the Project managers and team members, the list that I have shown down here is based on user reviews and Readers’ choice. Your efforts should be timeless and smooth instead of being just confusing and futile. This is why you are the managing it all, aren’t you? So let’s take a look and grab the one software to help you accomplish your Project goals.



This tool is the first one in the list and is open source software that is compatible with Windows versions. This tool is quite an exception as it supports an unlimited number of users and can be used for the unlimited number of projects as well. It has an easy to understand and a friendly interface, an attractive one too. It comes with many optimize-able functions. The application, by default, comes with 200 Mb of size. However, to extend the size of the storage, you need to go for its licensed version.

Orange Scrum

Best Project Management Software

This tool is so cool for the IT guys as it gives a locally-hosted support as a free project Management Software. Users will get along easily with the interface once they start getting familiar with its technical sort of interface. A support to customize the features and appearance is also available. It is also well versed with Windows and is available on the internet without any price tag. But if you want the cloud storage, then you should probably go for its purchased version.


Best Project Management Software

GranttProject is the next one on the list to get you the best in terms of Online Project Management and scheduling. The best thing about this application is that it’s often preferred over many other software vending competitors in the market like Microsoft. What new you can do with this application is generate PERT and Gantt charts, produce reports in Portable Document and HTML formats. It is easy to maintain workflow and with structured scheduling to achieve the set of goals.


Best Project Management Software

This application is also available freely on the web. What makes it more loveable is its dual integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. This tool provides an unlimited number of projects and also a support for iPhones and iPads. Cool features like time tracking, issue resolving and collaborating with both the in and out users. There is no storage issue with this application so, no need to worry about the space limit.


Best Project Management Software

Now this application is the most popular among the worldwide users and so it catches our eyes. Over a many, a thousand users have appreciated this application because of its coolness. Here is the thing this application can be used free for up to 15 users. This is so far, the best Project Management System which is also used by some world famous organizations to accomplish the project work fluently.

2-Plan Project Management Software

2plan project management software

This system is also a free application for the project management work. It has basically three symbiotic types namely 2-Plan Desktop, 2-Plan Team, Work 2-gether. All these systems are free of any cost. However, for an extra extension that you want you to have to buy from the developer team. The tool supports animation to help you look your WBS attractive and presentable, tracks your project time, and keeps a tab on project milestones.



This sounds like an exotic application, which indeed, it is. This system offers an unlimited number of projects and users. The space storage is a bit of an issue as it allows up to 10 Mb usage only. But, users can comfortably get a Trello-Gold just share and increase the space to 250 Mb per year. When it comes to pricing, it doesn’t leave much trouble as you have to $5 a month and $45 a year.

Bitrix 24


When there are just as many a dozen users, you should go for this Project Management Application. This tool gives a free support up to 12 users. However, if you want to add up the numbers, then you also have to add an upgrade which is available for $99 month. You can suit according to your need whether you want to use this application with company’s host server or in the cloud. Bitrix24 is also having a support of Gantt Charts, layered tasks, and workload planning for employees.

Zoho Projects

zoho projects

Zoho is also one of the Project Management Systems that offers an unlimited number of users and a variety of functions. The only setback is the 10 Mb limited space. Although, it is available free of cost, but when you wish to go for higher value, better to get the paid versions. Upgrade charges are up to $20/month. It has a great and interactive interface which also can be customized with ease. Plus, it also boosts your affection towards it with the timesheets and detailed reporting features.



This would be a greater option for you if want to track your employee’s time. In terms of resource-based management and reporting, this is the stop you should be at. It is equipped with an invoicing system to charge your clients with their bills by just a click. The free version of this application is only having as support for one user, 2 projects, and up to 4 clients. But, with the paid version, all the restrictions disappear, where for unlimited numbers you have to pay $12 a month. It definitely makes the billing process easy and is easy to get used to. I don’t think you would be having any complaints with it.

All the Project Management tools would be having their pros and cons for sure. But you must have a try at them. Time and cost effective solutions are easily achieved I must say. So these were Top Free Project Management Software For Windows. If you want to keep adding to your knowledge, then keep visiting us here. We will be coming with more topics and possible solutions to help you out. Thank you for the read. See you all soon.


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