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Games are one of the best recreations of a human’s body and with the advancement in technology, Gaming technology has seen a drastic change over the years. Starting from the web games (Online web games), PC Games, and now Smartphone Games, also the genre of the games has been wide open.

Shooting, racing games are one of the most loved games but not to forget about the strategy games which will test your brain. So, in this article, we will discuss the best Online Strategy Games.

3 Best Online Strategy Games

So, here the three best Online Strategy games which will brainstorm you.



Drakensang is an online 3D Action & strategy RPG game with some amazing graphics and gameplay. The character in this gameplay is customizable and you need to select your play in the game, you will be presented with two options, Dragon Knight Freedom Fighters or Magical Spell-weavers. If you want to survive the rage of Darkensang, then you need to collaborate and work with other and plan strategically.

Watch this below Video for Game Play & other features.


Storm fall is a free strategy RPG game where you need to survive in the dark world and you are on a mission to reunite the Empire of Storm Fall against the odds of Dark shine evil. The gameplay is simple but should be played carefully and strategically while building castles and defending against the Evil.

Stormfall Age of Empire

STORMFALL: AGE OF WAR Gameplay First Look


War tune is an old fashioned 2D action game with a mix of strategy & fighting skills. The Gameplay is Similar to Storm Fall, but here you need to fight against monsters & creatures and need to develop the city until it reaches metropolitan status and enjoys the benefits of it.


Here is the video of First look of Game Play of War Tune


So the above listed three games are the best strategy games at present and you will enjoy playing it. If you are looking for something advanced then which is using the best gaming technologies of this age, once check it out. Do share this article on social networking sites and if you have any queries or want to list out any other games then help us know them in comments.

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