2019s Best Mobile Apps for Seniors


The tech marketplace is nowadays is flooded with mobile apps that do everything and anything. The question which is bothering us for quite some time are there any useful apps that exclusively help senior citizens? This demographic segment or senior citizens always have problems with technical stuff, and they require much assistance when it comes to operating simple mobile functions.

How Are Mobile Apps Helping Them?

The apps which we mentioned here in this comprehensive blog are all iPhone friendly apps and assist with everyday needs like access to communication links, medical information, music, and much more. You can find them by looking at their names on the “search’ function of your iPhone by swiping down the home screen and tap on the “Search” function.

2019s Mobile Apps for Elders

With the efficiency of these mobile apps, senior citizens or elders can move forward and smoothly function with their day-to-day errands. The below-mentioned list of mobile apps includes various categories which can also help you to pick the best apps as per your requirements.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is one of the most popular, and the chances are that you must have already known about it. This mobile app is a haven for people who love to read. In this app, users can easily find the thousands and hundreds of ratings on different books, which helps them decide whether the selected book is worth reading or not. The app does not just have a massive collection of books on various categories, which also includes detailed reviews about each book.

2. NPR One

When it comes to keeping the tab on international as well as national news, then NPR application, as they say, is best among all. This app is an excellent source of entertainment. These were the basic features that we mentioned. If you have the updated version of NPR app, then you can access a variety of content from innovative podcasts to exciting stories and much more.

3. Loan Calculator Pro (LCP)

For older people, LCP or Loan Calculator Pro is the smarter choice who can easily see and calculate how additional payments might affect their home loan over the loan contract.

The app comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that enables the user to play around with irregular payments, extra-large payments, double payments, and much more. The app is ideal for making a quick comparison of rates for mortgages and home equity loans.

However, there is always a thumb rule of getting new apps for your phone. Be aware of the source of the app and continuously research and read about the app before installing it on your device.

This way, you would not end up with a bunch of spam or phishing activities that could be harmful to your device and also stay protected from personal data theft. Moreover, it will also help you avoid extra storage space. Always make sure that you genuinely need the app before installing it.

4. MediSafe Medication Reminder

MediSafe Medication Reminder app is designed and developed with the motto of making the lives of its users little simpler. The mobile app offers numerous benefits to its users, including, a wide array of advanced features, interactive UX/UI, and simple usage. Moreover, MediSafe application is highly regarded among medical professionals and healthcare specialists.

5. WebMD

For a while, the app is in the market, and it is created after the massive success of the most popular website of a similar name. Whether you are searching for ailment or treatment WebMD website will surface on Google on the first page most of the times. With this app, elders can now easily ask questions about terminology, symptoms, medicines, and a wide array of health-related topics.

WebMD app is like go-to assistance for people who want to learn and remind themselves what their doctor told them. Here is the crucial disclaimer the app is primarily used in conjunction with your doctor’s visits not as a substitute.

It is also an excellent and intelligent place to read all comprehensive articles about various ailments including, diabetes, Osteoarthritis, and Alzheimer’s as well as other problems that affect millions of people.

6. Find My Phone

This little piece of technology is fabulously helpful. It does not get installs seamlessly and quickly on your iPhone. Also, it does not cost you a dime and takes less storage space.

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So, what does this app do? Well, have you ever lost your phone or what if you lose your iPhone somewhere? In generic scenarios, if you lose your phone then apparently take someone else’s phone to call on your number or use it to find your phone, right! With this, you can access your iPhone remotely with the help of different security questions and passwords which will tell you where your phone is located or even allow you to erase all data or lock it remotely.

Find My Phone is an exciting mobile app which is much popular these days throughout the globe. Moreover, it is not just meant for seniors. Everyone loves free and robust things that can help them keep their phone safe also save the lost phone from hackers.

7. The Weather Channel

Want to know the current temperature in Florida or maybe in Seattle, the relative humidity in Washington or maybe the five days weather forecast of Texas? The Weather Channel app has everything for you, including all climatic data in just one tap. This is a perfect app for staying up to date or trip planning during natural events like tornadoes and hurricanes.

8. Park ‘n’ Forget

The parking issue is common among elders. It is a tendency among seniors that they typically forgot where they parked their car. This severe and frustrating issue can quickly be answered by apps like Park ‘n’ Forget that comes for your rescue if the elder has been driving long and forget where they parked their car. This application, which is GPS based, will help them to find their vehicle.