Best Mailbox Alternative App for Your Smartphone

The day has finally arrived: Mailbox, the once scorching email startup, is no more. After almost three years of helping us in our (frequently purposeless) mission for inbox zero, Dropbox has authoritatively closed it down.

Fortunately, in those three years, email applications have tagged along way  thanks in any event to some degree to Mailboxs impact. So while you may not be entirely arranged to erase the application and begin again, a ton of excellent options merit considering. Here we have a list of mailbox alternative.

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Outlook is one of the best email applications out there. That is on account of it depends on Accompli, the email application Microsoft procured toward the end of 2014. The application does a tiny bit of everything; different inboxes are a breeze. Besides, it has one of the best need inboxes outside of Gmail, which Outlook calls a “centered inbox.”

You can likewise modify your swipes, plan messages you need to return to later and rapidly scan your contacts and as of late opened connections. This is one of the best mailbox alternatives.

Features: Its implicit logbook, which permits you to effortlessly move between your email and date-book without leaving the application. You can likewise utilize the date-book to send your accessibility over email.

Accounts: Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud


On the off chance that inbox zero is your jam, you might need to try Spark out. You can nap messages for later or manage them in bunches, as the application will consequently compose things like bulletins so you can move all of them to the refuse in the meantime.

It’s additionally super adaptable and has a configuration that is both moderate and crisp  not a mere accomplishment for an email application. You can easily use this as mailbox alternative.

Features: The sheer number of customizations components. Like Mailbox, you can alter the activities for both short and long swipes.

Accounts: Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook and other IMAP suppliers


Airmail makes a strong showing of taking care of the essentials (numerous records, notices, channels and organizers) alongside adjustable swipes, and can rest messages for some other time. You can alter pretty much every element of the application, from how your inbox looks to what happens to a message subsequent to opening it.

Features: The application has guides into more than twelve efficiency applications, so you can without much of a stretch send messages to your logbook, schedule applications or distributed storage account. You can likewise send out them as PDFs right from your inbox.

Accounts: Gmail, Exchange, IMAP and POP


In the event that you depend on Google as your email supplier, Gmail is the conspicuous decision (however the Android application additionally bolsters email from different sorts of records). Contrasted and a percentage of the others on this rundown, the application is on the straightforward side. However, Gmail is quick (particularly on Android) and handles every one of the essentials of email adequately. This mailbox alternative fulfill all your needs

Champion element: Google Now. Despite the fact that its not in fact some portion of Gmail itself, empowering Google Now gives Google a chance to tap into the substance of your inbox to proactively include updates. On the off chance that you have a flight reservation, for instance, Google Now can send you an update about when to leave for the airplane terminal the day of your flight, regardless of the possibility that you never opened the first message.

Upheld accounts: Gmail and Google Apps; Yahoo, and other IMAP and POP records

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