Best Free Music Downloads: Music is the stress buster and listening to it is a hobby for many. Apart from that, you can rejuvenate from the hectic schedule by listening to your favorite music. However, these days, you can find different genres of music online. This soothing music changes the mood of the person to a serene one.

There are many websites that have amazing music albums of Billboard-charting artists. You need to find the original site that is free from malware before downloading the songs onto your system or mobiles. Moreover, the legal sites enable you to download the songs at a jet speed.

With the advent of technology, many music apps are being swamped into the market, which made the lives of music enthusiasts easier. These apps help people either to listen to the songs online or download it to their mobile and listen whenever they find free time.

Top free music downloads sites

Here are a few free music download sites that help the music fanatics to download and listen to their favorite songs onto their mobiles.


This is one of the famous free music download sites to hear to your favorite music. The best part of this site is that you just need to type the singer name in the respective field or his/her composition, then you will get the list of songs that are sung by that particular person without much hassle.

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You can happily enjoy crooning music or download it for free to your mobile and benefit from the music while traveling, cooking, or while doing household activities. This is the best site that is easier to use by all. This gives the desired song in no time and makes the users satisfied.


This is the colossus free music downloads directory in the online world. The navigation of this site is quite easy that novice users can easily find their favorite songs to listen to or download. You can search for your favorite song by artists, genre, top songs, etc. You can download the albums or songs for free of cost from this website. The best part of this site is that you can create your playlists to add your favorite songs to it.

Top MP3 music song downloaders

The below mentioned are a few MP3 music song downloader apps that are compatible to work on Android devices. These apps help you to find the songs from the treasure trove of the database without shelling out a single penny from your pockets.


This site is one of the favorite mp3 music downloader apps for youngsters to download their favorite songs onto their mobiles and listen. This app gives you authorized access to the MP3 songs that are licensed. Song searching is a cakewalk in this website. All you need to do is to, search for songs by category or artist, and get the list to download your favorite one.


This is easy to use the mp3 music downloader app with its rich interface garnering the attention of music lovers to download this app onto their mobiles. The search option on the screen helps you to search your favorite song quickly and easily. You will be happy to get the songs of your choice just by typing a word pertained to the songs such as artist, album, song title, etc.

Top Apps for Android

Here are a few best music player apps for Android that you can download without a second thought onto your mobile and listen to your favorite music on the go.


This is the favorite app of music fanatics. This offers salient features that every music lover will fall in love with. The people who are serious about music have to look out for this app definitely. However, this is a paid app, but to check its efficiency, you are given a 15-day trial period with full access to all the features. This music app allows you to customize the settings as per your requirements and create a music player that you love. It supports to play all the music files in different formats


This is one of the best apps for Android users. The best part of this app is that you can create a Dropbox and add all your favorite songs to this box and listen to the music from any place across the globe. Moreover, you can listen to the radio and podcasts in this app. This is a one-stop app that fulfills all your audio needs.

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The following apps are compatible to work with Android devices and have the copyrights to sell free music downloads.


This music downloader for the Android app has a diverse and vast database loaded with various music tracks. This app helps you to quickly search for your favorite songs by using filters and pull out the MP3 songs that you are searching for. The music that you download is directly added to your cloud folder and allows you to listen when you are not connected to the Wi-Fi. This app has all the tunes that are from the top and budding artists. Moreover, the old look of the screen will make the elders feel nostalgic


This music downloader for android app helps you to download the music and listen offline. Moreover, you can find DJ tracks to listen to while doing workouts. You can filter the musical tracks that sync with your workout rate. You can also use the beat feature in this app to find the music that best suits your state of mind.

The following are a few music downloaders for iPhone. Earlier, people use to purchase songs from iTunes, but with the release of iPhone music downloader apps, people can download the songs for free.


This is the renowned music downloader for iPhone app that is easy to use by all the users. When you open this app, you find a search bar. You can find your favorite song by just typing in it or search in categories. The natural user interface helps the people to find their desired songs within no time. It displays the most popular songs on the home screen.


This is an enjoyable and user-friendly music app for iPhone with a wide variety of genres such as country music, rock, classic, and much more. You can find your favorite track, by just typing the name in the search bar. It displays the top songs where you can find your desired songs quickly. You can listen to the songs once before it is loaded and add that to your playlist.


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