The Best Destinations in Europe for Drone Lovers


Drone photography has really taken off in recent years (athankyou) with more and more people taking to the skies to capture birds-eye footage of some of their fondest memories from once-impossible angles. A trend which – as drones are becoming smaller and more travel-friendly – is surely only going to increase in popularity.

However, like any intricate technology, drone frames and cameras can be both fragile and expensive. That’s why it’s important that after you’ve found a drone that you’re dying to take on your travels, you pick up the best protective case available from sites like the Case Farm to ensure that you can go on to create gravity-defying travel albums of your favorite holiday destinations for years to come.

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Speaking of favorite holiday destinations and breathtaking drone photography, check out this handy infographic to get to low-down on the best high-up ariel destinations in Europe!

the Case Farm - Europes Best Destinations for you and your drone

If that hit of celestial photography inspiration hasn’t got your incurable travel bug flared up again then you’re no tech-loving wanderluster! However, if it has then there will be no apologies from us for your recent bout of FOMO – just a friendly reminder that baggage handlers aren’t known for their soft touch and should you wish to keep your gear safe for many more trips to come – to do some serious research into the best drone-travel cases available to make sure that your pet camera-birdie can continue to lift your holiday selfies into another dimension!