Best Competitive Games to Keep You Entertained


It’s genuinely difficult to pick the best competitive games. Why is that? Because people find different games less or more difficult to master. They have their personal biases and naturally lean towards certain types of games where they perform best when scoring is really what counts.

If you asked five people for their list of competitive games, they’d all answer differently, including recommending a physical game, an app, or perhaps a trivia-based board game that other people never would have thought of.

To try to satisfy a mixed readership, we have provided an interesting blend of difficult games that require you to work hard to score the win.

Knowledge is Power

To test the mental clout and pure competitive spirit of Brainiacs, Knowledge is Power was born.

It’s a PlayStation 4 title that uses the PS4 PlayLink technology to let each player use their smartphone to join in. Up to six players can compete to answer trivia questions to score in the game.

Along with difficult questions, there are some delightful characters to choose between to get into the right frame of mind. Your selfie is used for your character’s avatar in case players cannot remember who is who during the game.

Answers must come thick and fast. Getting the right answer too slowly means a lower score. It’ll keep everyone hopping when trying to outsmart and outpace their opponents.

Aim for the Bullseye

An electronic darts board is great for indoor play. Getting into a competitive darts match requires patience, skill, and a steady hand to score well. As the points start rising, the tension matches the intensity.

Fortunately, darts players are helped by the digital nature of darts boards, which correctly total up each player’s score and confirm the winner. It also removes the worry of a dart landing and bouncing out of the board. To decide which feature-packed dartboard is right for you, this guide on boards is very helpful.

Chess Playing Many Moves Ahead

While it may move more sedately, the game of chess can be as competitive as any other game. There are so many different strategies to employ that even Grandmasters need to continually improve to stay on top.

One of the nicest things about being an avid chess player is owning a beautiful chess board with ornate pieces. There are TV and movie-themed ones, classic designs from yesteryear, and everything in between. The more traditional designs where craftsmen used pieces of stone or wood to carve out each piece individually are classic.

For the avid player, owning a stylish chess board is a point of some pride. Indeed, some boards are very expensive and intended to fix in place whereas others are simple to travel sets to go anywhere with them. For these purists, playing a chess app or desktop game is unacceptable.

Zoom to the Front with Rocket League

Rocket League is a competitive driving game that will challenge you and three other players to the max.

The game mixes elements of soccer with driving to create something unique and mind-bending. It runs on several platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One too.

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As well as soccer and racing, there are basketball-type moves and also a Battle Royale mode which is extremely popular right now. You’re in for a totally crazy and crazed ride with this game title.

Finding the game that you can perform at your best is only half the battle. Then you need to find willing players to go up against you. It may be necessary to make some concessions by playing their favorite game as well to make it fairer.