10 Best Apps to Hide Private Photos and Videos On Android


Best android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos:- This tutorial will show you some best and highest rated android phone apps that will help you to hide your private photos and videos on your phone.


Everyone is careful about their personal thing, and everyone wants to maintain their privacy. Our life own life is wrapped up in cellphones. But you cannot stop someone if they accidentally find your personal stuff on the phone. So if you are android sweetheart here is the option for you securing your photos or videos through helpful apps on Android. Let’s start the list of great android photos and video hider apps.


Best Apps To Hide Private Photos And Videos On Android


KeepSafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos 

Best android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

Keepsafe Photo Vault is one of an excellent app for protecting and keeping your personal stuff hidden on Android. It is very easy to use by all. It gives you authority to use a usual PIN, fingerprint authentication options, pattern, post which it renders you a clutter-free and categorized folder grid. Try any of these folders for turning yourself on safe mode. If you want to you may take a private cloud space. 


LockMyPix Photo Vault

Best android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

LockMyPix designed with a particular purpose for giving a strict protective private app. It let you lock your files behind a PIN or Pattern. It shows a good user experience, and you will be able to encrypt your photos/ videos directly from your home screen of the app. The features will permit you to unlock the app using your fingerprints. You may conceal this app from the app drawer and can lock the device in just one shake. 


There is a better feature of this app. Here you will have the option to fake login credentials in the pro variant. When someone forces you to unlock the app, then you can give them entry to another vault with a counterfeit PIN. It has only one demerit, which is that there is no photo/videos back the option to the cloud. 


Hide Pictures and videos – Vaulty

Best android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

It is a dedicated app for maintaining your privacy and enjoying your world. Through this app, you can select your phones media files you want to keep private from the gallery, and your chosen password prevents it from the outsider from your phones privacy. 


The best part of this app is it takes identification photograph of the person who will try to break your password or will be spying in your personal life. This feature is accessible free of cost to all vaulty lovers. Multiple vaults can be created with different passwords, to keep stored various type of photos or videos in each one. 


Hide something : Photos, Videos

Best android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos

It is one of the most loved and faithful free apps for securing photos and videos on your Android device. By using PIN, Password or the finger impression sensor, you can give tight security. It is very simple to hide in hide something, just like you share photos or videos, transfer photos or videos to ‘invisible folder’. 


Hide something has pretty themes, advocates to a variety of media files, an advanced image viewer mode. It is choosey in not being detected, so it does not render in the currently used list. The only thing you will have to take care of is to keep backups of your photos and videos in the Google Drive. 


Private Zone – AppLock, Video & Photo Vault

If you are on a quest for having multiple options at one stop, then Private zone is the right one. It can do more than you have ever imagined. It is excellent in free private VPN service, custom lock screen app, phone anti-theft features, harassment/spam call intercept, boost – RAM Manager and other privacy controls.  


The only demerit it has that it is filled with ads which can irritate you, but every problem has a solution, it too has. You can go for the premium option for avoiding unwanted ads. 


GalleryVault – Hide pictures and videos

It is topping in the list of hiding apps, also popular in the list of Play Store with over ten millions downloads. The app permits you with instant hide and encrypts your photos, videos and any other files that you want to keep private. It advocates all the famous and required features which will be helpful for your private world. Just through the shake, you will be able to lock up, break-in alert, false login, finger impression authentication, stealth mode, concealing files in SD cards and more. This also advocates GIF features or private browsing. 


Hide Files – Andrognito 

It is an abbreviation for Android + Incognito which allow you to have more secure privacy prevention apps. It has features like spoofing, invisible icon, fake force close, and custom themes feature as well. You can buy the PRO version to create more private values, you may secure backups on the cloud. 


Piktures – Beautiful Gallery

Piktures – Beautiful Gallery is featured with securing your private moments in the form of photos and videos. After installing this app, you just have to long-press any pictures or video and just tap ‘secure’ option in the menu bar, and you will be able to shift the file to the secret drive. It is indeed a good app for having strict maintenance for your phone. 


F – Stop Gallery 

It is accessible on the Play store with excellent features which you were looking for more security. It has features of enabling you to exclude (read OR hide) folders with photos or videos from the phones gallery. You just have to add a .nomedia file to the same. Password option assists you to save your media pretty well.




It is a very excellent app which does not protect your media files. It keeps safe other stuff too. even conceals your phone data, be it SMS, contacts/ call logs or even apps. You may create fake or multiple vaults, make the app’s icon disappear from your home screen. It also permits you for backing up cloud support. 


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