Backup Strategies: Why the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy is the Best


Running a company successfully is full of a ton of moving parts. You need to not only have a good product and marketing but also know about your customers. Apart from that, you should know things like your cost of acquisition, profit margin, and so much more. That is a lot of information and data to utilize, hold onto, and keep safe.

However, all of this hard work can potentially be lost in a second. Power outages, machine failure, data breaches, and other disasters can potentially cause you to lose all of your data. Of course, this can be incredibly stressful and expensive. In fact, the cost of data loss can reach millions of dollars.

That is, of course, unless you have a backup in place. A backup will ensure that updated versions of your information and data are always kept safe. These backups can be kept manually by using external hard drives or be kept on the cloud. So if a disaster were to strike, you can rest assured that everything will not be lost.

However, there are many different plans and strategies for creating and managing backups, so which should be used? While there are several options, one that is incredibly popular and high-quality is the 3-2-1 backup strategy.

The 3-2-1 cloud backup rule or strategy is a method used to back up your data successfully without being overly complicated. If you are curious about where to keep your files, how many copies to have, and questions like this, the 3-2-1 strategy or rule can be a lifesaver. In total, the strategy is made up of three simple components, which we’ll look at now.

The Components of the Strategy

Have Three (Or More) Copies of Your Data

The first component of the strategy is to have at least three copies of the data. The more copies that exist of your data, the better. Having two backups in addition to your primary data will ensure you are protected even if your original backup has issues.

Have Them On At Least Two Different Devices

The second is to use at least two different devices for storing your backups. Machine failure is common, and you don’t want to house all of your backups on one single device. It is relatively affordable to purchase multiple hard drives to store backups on.

Have One Copy Offsite

In addition to having different devices, you should also keep copies of your data in different physical locations. If a flood, fire, or hurricane occurs, you don’t want all of your backups to be lost to the disaster. While you may store the backup in a different branch or different office, you could also simply use the cloud.

Why It’s the Best

Backup Strategies

So now that you can understand what the 3-2-1 strategy is, why is it among the best to use? The answer is because it essentially covers all of your bases. It ensures you have numerous copies of your data and not only keep them on different devices but also different places.

Another reason why the 3-2-1 method is so popular is because of how simple it is to implement. It can be done fairly quickly and easily and isn’t very complex. Any firm can use this strategy to greatly increase their data security. More robust options exist and might work for you, but everyone should begin with the 3-2-1 strategy.

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We hope that this article has been able to help you learn why the 3-2-1 backup strategy is the best method to use. While no method is completely perfect, the 3-2-1 is an incredibly simple and helpful method for everyone from large corporations to small businesses.

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