Tips To Manage And Improve Audio Quality In Windows 10


How To Manage And Improve Audio Quality In Windows 10:- When you are using a Windows computer or laptop, what is that one thing that may bug you the most? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the sound quality of your device. Having a poor or low sound quality in your Windows device can ruin your entire experience. We use our Windows not only for work purposes but also for our entertainment as well. Therefore, it is very important that we manage and improve the sound quality of our Windows device. But what do you do? One of the easiest ways is to download and install an audio equalizer app on your device. This will help you boost the sound quality of your device. This is the best option for the non-techie people and even for the tech junkies.

Audio Quality In Windows 10

Tips To Follow

As already mentioned earlier, using an equalizer Windows 10 can be the easiest option to boost the sound quality of your system. But there are other ways too that you can try. You can go through the following pointers in order to get an idea. Here you go with it.

  1. Change sound effects

The first thing that you can try is to customize all sounds on your device in order to get a great personalized experience. For this, you need to first open settings by pressing, Windows key + I. now navigate to personalization and then to themes and from there to sound.

Use the sound scheme dropdown in order to switch between the default options. You can even choose mute if you want to cease all sounds of the device.

  1. Adjust individual app sounds

The next thing you can do is adjust the individual app sounds. This method may be a bit time consuming but then it is totally worth it for the great sound effects that you can achieve. Right click on the speaker icon and then click on the volume mixer. Here you can adjust the sliders according to your preference. This is one of the easiest ways to boost your Windows sound quality. Try it out and you are sure to get the desired results that you are expecting.

  1. Switch Audio Devices

In case of multiple audio devices like headsets and speakers, you can switch between these devices in order to get the best experience. For that, you need to click on the speaker icon located in your taskbar tray. Now click on the audio device name and you will get to see an entire list of options. From there click on the audio device that you would want to change to.

  1. Update your Audio Drivers

Another great way of boosting your Windows sound quality is by updating your audio drivers. This is more likely to fix any problem that you may be having with your Windows sound system. For this, you need to press Windows key + X and then click on device manager. Now find the troublesome = audio device and right click on it and then select the update driver. Now click on the option search automatically for updated driver software and follow the instructions prompted.

With the help of these methods, you can easily boost the sound quality of your Windows. A little bit of tweaking can do wonders for your device.